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Aki’s Homemade Texture Book

Books. Books. Books. We have so many of them. We don’t need another one. What we need is a new bookshelf.  I just came  with 7 more books for Aki. Yikes!

Even though we have at least five touch and feel books in the house, I could not resist doing this so cute project. I learned it from my newest, my third to be exact, book on activities for toddlers. It is my most expensive purchase from BookSale so far but it is so worth it.

First I bought a couple of folders.

Cut them in half and placed rubber bands on the middle to secure.

I gathered different kinds of trash, er, materials with different textures.

After using a super glue and a double sided tape, our book is done!

Special thanks to my neighbor Mae for the creative  cover.

4 thoughts on “Aki’s Homemade Texture Book

    1. Hahaha! Di ko alam kung joke or seryoso ka. In case your planning to make one, the total cost is 22 pesos for 2 expandable folders. The texture materials I got from the house and from textile stores.

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