Third Attempt at Finger Painting

Back in May when Aki was still 18 months olds, I was very excited to teach him how to finger paint. I cleaned the tarpaulin, and laid it on the garage. I bought easel sheets so Aki can paint an extra large art work. I invited Ira to join in the fun. We don’t have an art apron yet so I turned Aki’s clothes inside out. I even made our own finger paint using flour water and food coloring. I bought potatoes and cut them into different shapes and sizes.

Sadly, Aki did not even look at the paint. He was too engrossed playing with his electronic mirror toy. 😦 At least, Ira enjoyed the activity.

Fast forward to 19 months. Aki got somewhat interested. Somewhat meaning 2 minutes, probably even less.

This is his first finger painting masterpiece

More paint ended up in the floor and in my throw pillows..

Success finally  came at 20 months. We used the finger paint that I bought in Uncle Bills.



5 thoughts on “Third Attempt at Finger Painting

    • hello sis! i bought it from my expat ex-boss who went back to India. super helpful siya for activities. mas naeenganyo si Aki to sit down and focus on the tasks at hand because meron diyang table and chair

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