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How to make pompoms

Cai, this is for you….

I am in love with pompoms.  They make any space more festive. They are cheap. And they are so easy to make.

First you have to buy Japanese paper. You can also use crepe paper and kitchen tissue paper.  A Japanese paper brand that I like is Asia. It costs more or less 10 bucks  and is available in National Bookstore. To make bigger pompom balls, use the whole sheet. For smaller balls, just cut the sheets in half. If you want fluffier balls, ( see red pompom), use all 10 sheets. The blue pompom is made out of 6 sheets. The small yellow ones are from crepe paper.

Queen bee themed office pantry party

Once your sheets are cut and stacked, fold them accordion style.

Secure the middle using a paper clip.

Cut the ends

Now, slowly gently unfold from the outside.  Then do it to the other side.


That was not hard, right?

To hang, just tie a clear nylon thread into the paper clip.

15 thoughts on “How to make pompoms

  1. This is great! I thought I can only use those super expensive tissue paper. I hope I can get Japanese paper with animal prints for my baby’s jungle party. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Momsterteacher! I have seen any animal prints. May be you can lso use combination of green, orange, yellow and brown Japanese paper?
      Btw, you look familiar. Are you from N@W? Are you from Los Banos?

      1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I used to be a W@Wie but I did not join N@W. I am from Los Banos, yes. You too? 🙂

      1. waaah! na-post pala.. tagal ko na nagta- try mag comment sa mga blogs mo (para naman hindi ako mukhang imbisibol stalker.. hehe). pero wala ko makita or confirmation na pasok sa banga ang comment.

        kaya dinadaan nalang sa text. hehe

        happy weekend sis. makagawa nga neto this. tamang sipa ng kambal. haha!

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