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Sunday Slide Surprise

I only had one agenda last week. That was to bake lemon squares. I saw the recipe in one of my Test Kitchen magazines and found it surprisingly easy to bake. My only problem was that I don’t have a square pan. We scheduled a trip to Bakemaster’ in Sucat. When we arrived, too bad, the store was closed. Am not sure if they are always closed on weekends or if it is because we came late, around 5:30PM.

Too keep our spirits up, I suggested that we go to this Japanese thrift store nearby where I saw this item that I have been wanting to buy. You see, Franco is a big fan of anything Japanese. That is why we have a Japanese room to display his samurai sword, kimono and Japanese martial arts book collection. We also had a Japanese themed party for his 30th birthday. And what could be more Japanese than naming your first born “Akira”, the most common boy’s name in Japan.

Anyhoo, lucky me, the item that I was eyeing for is still in stock.

And that item is a …drum rolls please…..


Aki’s first slide!

We have  lot of toys at home but I feel none of them helps makes Aki stronger and more athletic.

The slide is attached to this mini monkey bars where Aki can climb and crawl. I thought it was still too high for him but he managed to pull himself up with no help from his mummy.

Aki likes to walk up the slide, sometimes walk down the slide (yikes), and make his toys slide one by one!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Slide Surprise

  1. wow! ganda, sis! 🙂 saan mo nabili? si ryken naman, sa gymboree niya nagagawa yan. he’s a member but we didn’t join any class. tinipid ko yung 5 free play coupons. he has 3 coupons pa na sakto lang for his 2nd birthday and other special occasions.

    1. Hi sis, are you familiar sa streets here in the South? we bought it sa isang japanese thift shore near the Municipal Hall of Paranaque. According sa owner ng stall, lagi daw silang may mg shipments. Minsan daw may matching swing pa.

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