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Playdate Popsicles

This could have been a great summer post. Only it is not summer anymore.

The moment I saw these popsicle molds, I knew I had to take them home. They were perfect for the weather.  They are colorful and can double as a color matching toy for Akikoy. Best of all, they are only 66 bucks. 

I made these cold treats for our playdate with my n@wie sis Lui and her toddler Buwi. Too bad, the date did not push thru but hopefully the one for this weekend would.

From left to right:  Crushed watermelon with mango bits, same, yogurt with watermelon bits, yogurt with mango bits 

From left to right:  crushed watermelon with banana slices, the ultimate experiment,  Tropicana with banana, Tropicana with watermelon bits

Remember the tuna mushroom roll we served to my dormates? Well, the sauce we made for it , the mango cream sauce, umm, we made too much of it. Soooooo, hmm, manang thought of using the extra sauce for one mold. Mmmm, her idea, her popsicle. Just to be clear, i did not even ask her to taste that particular popsicle. Her reaction: Di pa lang masarap ang sibuyas pag galing sa freezer, ano?

This is what I ate from the group. Yum-oh!  No sugar added yet it was sweet.  Definitely better than the Tang popsicles I made when I was a kid.

Aki was beside us all the time when we were making the popsicles.  He was so busy he did not try to help.

10 thoughts on “Playdate Popsicles

  1. Hey Maqui–your pops are so creative! I usually make blendered stuff lang. But I also was planning to make popsies for palydates na di rin natutuloy hehehe. Hope to meet you and Aki soon 🙂

  2. Maqui!!! I wanna buy these molds too. I was looking for them online but can’t find one (dati me nakita ako can’t remember which multiply contact was selling them. duh. senior citizen moment again). Where did you buy them?

    1. Hello irene and faye!
      I got the molds from uncle bills in Ayala MRT. it is in a sister store or saizen and american bazaar. I can buy for you if you want. text me na lang 🙂

  3. hi, maqui

    where did you get the popsicle molds? ive been looking around for these but couldnt find them in the malls.


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