Memoirs of a Mummy


Last week, we decided that it is time for the playpen to retire.

Yey! Our first floor is one clutter down. Twenty thousand to go!

 A few weeks ago, we also let the bulky diaper bag retire. We love our Bebe Chic because it is  roomy. But now that Aki does not drink as much milk and  pee as often, we don’t need to bring a lot of bottles and diapers anymore. We are now using this toddler size second hand bag from Kuya Rock. I will share the contents in another post.

Interestingly, the baby bath tub came out of retirement last weekend. We stopped using it when Aki started walking.  There was no way to keep that boy still and away from the faucet.  Now there is. I bought him three small bath boats.  And he now likes to play and talk to his rubber friends. Sometimes even giving them a bath while we give him a bath.  I love this pic. I wish I was ble to video tape what just happened.  Aki was talking to his rubber ducky, did the no no sign and then pointed at the door. I think he was telling the rubber ducky that it is not allowed to go out of the bath room.

Last weekend too, Aki had his first taste of fresh milk in a glass! He loved it.

In the second picture, he is doing the more sign. I can’t wait for us to graduate from bottles.

I haven’t done the math. But if fresh milk comes out cheaper, we might go cold fresh milk during the day, bottle or glass whichever he prefers, and Nido or Lactum during the day.

So far no plans yet of weaning and potty training.  We will let him lead us. When he is ready and interested, we will let the trainings begin. Which reminds me. MUST READ ON SIGNS OF READINESS.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. Hi, again… am interested to know your reference materials for Aki’s sign language…would like to use some for our 10-months baby Addie.

    So far, no plan for her 1st birthday yet… i know! just thinking of it, makes me panic, kaya lang… we’re on a really tight budget. hopefully, we can give her something that will make memorable for her when she’s a bit older.

    1. Hello Au,
      I have seen very small first birthday parties and they are all adorable. unlike with big parties where the baby gets lost int he details, for small parties, you can really see that it is the baby that is being celebrated. 🙂
      there are sign languge books in Booksale. You can also read up online. Madaming materials. You just have to be consistent and get the other caretakers involved. 🙂

  2. i agree sis, let him tell you when he’s ready. sa potty training that was what we did too. pero sa milk weaning, we introduced the idea. and when she didn’t show any signs of letting go of the bottle when she turned two we turned to drastic measures. pero it wasn’t as hard as we thought. Maia is now bottle free for almost 6 months na!

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