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The Grazing Toddler

Last weekend, I realized another addition to my lengthy list of things I am thankful for – Aki is not a picky eater.


Proof # 1: A half slice of wheat bread at 10:02AM


4 dimples. one each beside the 2 corners of his lips and one on each cheek. not at all related to this post



Proof # 2: A cup of  yogurt at 10:27.



simot sarap!


Proof # 3 – A 10 pesos cup of Tahoooooooo with less syrup at 11:07AM



Not only does he like to eat on his own, he also likes to share 

guess what is in my lens? Thank you Akikoy for sharing!


I don’t know if we are doing the right thing.  Mondays to Fridays he eats on schedule. Weekends when he is with me, we let him take the lead.  If he asks for food between meals, we give him something to eat. If he does not feel like eating lunch, we don’t force him. What is important for me now is that he eats and that he gets to try a variety of foods. In fairness to Aki,  even if he just ate, if he sees us eating, he would always insist on sitting beside us.  I look forward to enjoying a stress- free meal him.  In a few months, hopefully. Hopefully.

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