Mrs. Monologues

Of Plates and Dormates

My favorite memories  of my young adult life were spent in a building called Kalay. UP Kalayaan Dorm was to home for me and other promdi freshies for a year.  We all lived far from family. Naturally, we found family in each other.

In Kalay, I experienced  attending a party and drinking juice served in a balde. We were dormers living away from the comforts of home and Coleman. haha

In Kalay, I experienced going to the lobby, lining up our baldes so friendly firemen can fill them with water.  Because my room was at the third floor, I had to carry my heavy pail three plights up.

In Kalay,  I joined the cheering team  and our cheer (remember, dormers were from all over the Philippines) was something like Bato Banay Magtinabangay.  I can’t remember that words but I vividly remember the tune and the excitement we all felt that competition day.

So imagine how happy I was when Joy, fellow C-fold (our floor), sent me a message that she wants to visit her godson, Aki to deliver her Christmas gift.  Joy, the feeling not my friend, sooned turned to panic when I learned that she has mobilized the gang and they are coming over in 4 hours. I was supposed to go to Manila for my raket. I cancelled that because I had friends coming over and there’s nothing in freezer.

I realized that

1) I need to consolidate no fail easy to prepare recipes for last minute get togethers. Last Saturday, Manang and I cooked Asadong Pampanga and Tuna Mushroom Rolls with Mango Cream Sauce.  When they arrived, I was holding knife as I welcomed them because we weren’t done cooking yet. 

2)  If your friends know you as someone who can’t cook, whatever you cook is bound to get compliments.

3) I don’t have enough matching plates, glasses and utensils.  I have a collection of serving plates but I dont have plates for guests. Our  everyday plates, come in fours only. We lost two glasses which leave us with just four.

The greatest hosting lesson that I realized last Saturday:  if you are with friends you love and love you back, it does not matter if they drink from plastic cups. 

Till next time, Yellow Bananas!

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