Painting with Water

Here is an simple art activity for Aki



Small container for the agua

Paint brush


Cheap – The brush was about 15 pesos only.

No clean up required – No crayon marks on the wall. No finger paint on the throw pillow.

Helps hand eye coordination

Teaches cause and effect

Large space. When Aki paints with water, he is not limited to an 8 by 10 space. He has the whole garage, walls, plants and pots.


Artwork is not permanent

When Aki wants to transfer to another place, he sometimes spills the water on himself.  Lesson learned: if I want to watch from afar, let him paint with water only before bath time.

Aki knows Mameh freaks out whenever he drinks water that is not from his drinking cup . E.g. water from the faucet, water from the tabo, water for painting.   Because he is is father’s son and likes to see mom’s reaction, he intentionally tried to drink the water to make me panic.


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