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Mummy, there is a giant triangle in our living room floor!

That was the reaction that I wanted to get when I showed my surprise to Aki.

While  he did not say those exact words, I know that was what he was trying to say when he excitedly pointed at the triangle with wide eyes and said oooooooooooooooooooow!


Colored tape

That’s it!


Afforadable – The tape costs 30+ pesos only and we only used a small portion of it.

No clean up required. We will let the shapes stay for  a while.

Reinforces shape recognition.

Improves gross motor skills.  You will often hear me say ” Aki, jump sa triangle! Triangle! Triange! Triaaaaangle… Square! Soccor mom, is that you? hehe. Aki seems to enjoy jumping from one  shape to the other. He also likes marching inside the shapes and throwing his rings into the shapes. Hmmm. Just got an idea. What if I make an octagon time out corner? Nuninuninuu…


Finding colored tape was not as easy as I thought. I could not find  one at National Bookstore. I bought ours at True Value.

If you are not good at estimating like me, you might want to ask the hubby for help. I wanted an isoceles right triangle. I don’t know what happened. Soon the triangle was twice as big as I wanted it to be. As you can also see, the square is not so square-ish.

Aki’s fave shape is star. I don’t think I have the fine motor skills to make one out of a roll of tape. Oh no! I just realized. What if he asks for a circle?!

4 thoughts on “Mummy, there is a giant triangle in our living room floor!

  1. maqui, great idea! will do this one of these days!

    fave din ni alonzo ang star! he also loves cresents

  2. Maquiiii!!! Ang laki na ng baby mo! Parang kailan lang ay nangboboys tayo sa PHAn lobby. Hehehe.

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