Prizes and Blessings

As I have mentoned before, I am taking  a break from joining contests. Well, I still join but not as often as I used to.  I don’t go out of my way anymore to look for contests to join but if I like the prizes at stake and the contest does not involve asking for Facebook likes, I give them a shot.

For February, I won this but forfeited the prize

Two tops from MomsToday Magazine


Renuzit Pack from Good HousekeepingLoad from Summit Media


Polkatots Gift Certificate from Smart Parenting

One reason why I am not a contest addict anymore, is that I feel I have been really blessed. Wanting more is already gluttony. 
Last Sunday, I wanted to be a blessing to others. Letting go of my possessions even if I don’t have space anymore is something I rarely do. For Mother’s day, I decided to share my blessings for a change. Besides, mornings are always stressful because it takes me so much time to decide what to wear. Funny thing is that I had closets full of clothes but there were only  few pieces of clothes that fit me well. And because it is Mother’s day, dear Franco had no choice but to say yes to my requests. He let me clear his closet as  well. Tee hee
After hours of raiding our cabinets, we decided that we have this much clothes that we don’t wear anymore.

We kept those that we really like and those that we want to wear when we get thinner. The rest, about 3/4’s of the pile, we gave to Manang and to Tina and Ate Patty (MIL’s helpers).


3 thoughts on “Prizes and Blessings

  1. Oh Maqui! I really envy your winning streaks. But yes, you’re probably rewarded more because you always never fail to share your blessings! (plus ako sa smart parenting lang parati nasali hahahha. i should broaden my bets ano, if i really want to see if i have luck on my side too lolz)

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