Books for Mother’s Day

Whenever we want to teach Aki about a skill or an occassion, we do it using books. We have books for Christmas, Valentines, Easter and  Halloween. We also have books about brushing, cleaning up, potty training and a lot more.

And because it is mother’s day last weekend, we have been reading books about mommies.

The reason why I always go to Booksale is to look for this Love You Forever book. Unfortunately, no luck so far. I did not want to buy a new one since it  is quite expensive at 250 for  a thin book.

  Mother’s day was the perfect excuse to finally buy it in National Bookstore.


7 thoughts on “Books for Mother’s Day

  1. irene says:

    i love karen katz’s books! i recently bought a couple of her books at book sale alonzo’s fave right now is “where is baby’s belly button”.

    maqui, you might want to check out “hold on tight” by peachy conception. super touching!

  2. hi sis maqui!
    natawa ako sa last part, hehe.. 🙂 When I bought books for Ryken nung maliit pa siya, kahit brand new talaga binili ko (Love You Forever, Guess How Much I Love You, Goodnight Moon). Then when I read your blog post about Booksale (I think the one on Christmas books), ay, doon na ako bumibili ngayon! hahaha! basta bargain bookstore. 🙂

    Whenever I sing the “I love you forever..” phrase kay Ryken, sumasabay na siya. 🙂 This is our bedtime story at the moment. 🙂

  3. I love you book collection! 🙂 Will go to Book Sale later 🙂 I like the Love You Forever book too.. I remembered an episode of Friends with this book.

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