Booksale Loot

Before April, I used to visit the Booksale store in SM Bicutan EVERYDAY! No wonder we kinda hoarded on books. I changed shifts last month which made going to my favorite bookstore incovenient.  So after a couple of weeks of missing it, I stepped into the store and left with 9 books! Hehe.

Aki's shelf. As you can see, it doesn't have space for more books.

Here is my loot:


9 thoughts on “Booksale Loot

  1. Wow! Daming books! I’ll raid Booksale, too when we get home 🙂 Buti si Aki hindi sinisira yung books no? Dade went through that stage 😦 He destroyed my favorite book for him (A Very Hungry Caterpillar).

    • naku boys talaga.
      so far wala pa naman talaga siyang sinira pero madami siyang sinulatan!! including yun ilove you books naman. hay.
      i only let him touch board books. Uin mga thin pages and life the flap books if pahawakan ko man sa kanya, im right beside him para pwede ko agawin once he gets too excited

  2. Wow great books! I visit Book Sale as much as I can too. There’s one here in my building but the selection is not so great with the Mommy/Baby books. I love hoarding board books!

    Btw, where did you buy your book shelf? I’m looking for one for my baby. Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks, Cai! board books give me a natural high too!
      i had the shelf made by my mom’s carpenter. Front facing shelves are great because kids can easily see the books.

  3. waaah inggit ako sa mga books mo, Maqui! I wish we have a booksale outlet nearby too! Siguro araw-araw ko din ire-raid! hihi. Ganda ng bookshelf ni Aki! Dami na laman! :))

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