Random Friday Night Thoughts

I bought these babies last week.



Italian Oregano

Oh, Manang is back! After two months, she is sooo here! I can’t be any happier. We have been staying in my mother in law’s when she was away. Tomorrow we will transfer back to our dear little house. I miss my garden. I miss Aki’s playroom. I miss my bed. Our bed. I can’t wait to bring out my new orange and blue pillow cases and curtains. I am excited to plant these herbs and kill those monster oregano and alugbati.  Will return the dog-less dog cage to make way for more plants. I noticed that our neighbors have okra plants. I am jelly! But I am not a fan of okra. One neighbor has eggplants which are my faves. But but but, I don’t like how the plant looks like. They take up too much space and they are not nice to look at. Unlike my pandan, peppermint, mint, sweet basil, Thai basil, spring onion, ginger, parsley, lemongrass and citronella babies that bring me so much joy just by looking at them and smelling their leaves.  How I wish we can give my lanai lanai-an a makeover. 
Speaking of neighbors, my heart has cracks. I learned some bad news this week. Two weeks ago first. Misis, I never got around to knowing what her name is, and her family, decided to have their house rented out. She and her kids moved out without saying goodbye. I heard from the grapevine that they were affected by what is happening in Libya.  She adored Aki. There was a time when it was part of Aki and Manang’s afternoon routine to visit her. She has one of the best gardens in the village. Her garden is at least three times bigger than our living and dining rooms combined. Aki loved running in the bermuda grass and chasing her pet kittens. Another sad news is that Lolo Abad, my first ever friend in this neighborhood passed away last February. I used to always pass by his house and have a little chitchat with him on my way to work. On lucky days, he would ask if he could give me a kiss on the cheek before I leave. He always wore a bib and would put a metal thing on the hole on his neck whenever he spoke.  His voice was robotic. Despite that, he is never without a cigarette. Haha. Oh, Lolo, I miss you.  Too bad, you never met Aki. And there’s Chloe’s family. I have mentioned Chloe several times in this blog. She is an adorable half Swiss half Pinay, 5 year old. At night, before she puts on her pajama, she wears her princess costume and walks around the village.  Sacha, Chloe’s dad, informed us that they too are moving out by the end of the month. Their moving to another part of Better Living where their house is currently being built. I hope we will find  a way to keep in touch. Which reminds me: Must.Make.New.Friends in the neighborhood.
Some  interesting Aki tidbits
– whenever he sees a pic or clip of Prince William and his beautiful bride, he goes to me and lands a big wet kiss right on the lips. Haay. So this is how it feels like to be loved by a prince…
– Every time I come home from work, he’d bring my slippers as soon I remove my shoes.
– And on days when I need to render overtime, he keeps on looking out the door and see if I am there already. Sometimes, his eyes would get wet when thinks of me or sees a picture of me during the day. If only Mummy does not need to work, baby….
– Newest Trick: Where is Your Frontal Lobe? Thyroid Gland? Hypothalamus? Hehe.
– When he is in the mood, he would bless our hands, everyone in the house, twice. My funny funny boy.
Things I am thankful for and excited about
– manang is back
– Aki is now into arts. Hope he will enjoy our painting activity tomorrow.
– i already have a father’s day gift idea. yehey
– my racket but it is secret
– hubby is losing the baby fast and is hoping to get back to his old sexy self.
– we are going to the zoo!
 good night.
am too lazy to check gramatical and typo errors.
thank you for reading

One thought on “Random Friday Night Thoughts

  1. AC says:

    “- whenever he sees a pic or clip of Prince William and his beautiful bride, he goes to me and lands a big wet kiss right on the lips. Haay. So this is how it feels like to be loved by a prince…” — awwwww…… 🙂

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