Akira Art

 Growing up, my most dreaded subjects were Music and Arts. I have always had the ugliest art projects. Always. In high school, I got a 96 final grade for one quarter in Geometry and in Music, I got a 76. Grrr! I have always thought that I have the worst hands and the worst voice.

Not any more! Being a mom to Aki makes me feel like I am super. Even if I am always off tune, he always claps after I sing his fave When You’re Happy and You Know It. Ok, fine, he claps because it is part of the song. In my heart, I know deep inside him he is clapping because he thinks I am an amazing singer. Hehe. And even if my stick people look like random sticks, he make me feel like a great art teacher.

Last week, I reintroduced him to his crayons. I bought those when he was 14 months old. He would doodle for a few seconds on paper and then run for the sofa or for the wall. He would soon jump into another toy, as I scrub the sofa. It was frustrating for me.  So from December until April, he was doodling using water. Thanks to his Aqua Doodle.

I read somewhere that it is adviseable to break jumbo crayons into smaller pieces. That is what I did.

Focused Artist

Every so often, he would turn around, see if we are looking, and do his Yehey hand sign with matching crazy dance.

This is the first drawing he did. I always put the name so that when we have 13 children, we’d know whose drawing is which. I also indicate the date so we know the age of the artist behind each masterpiece.

I made two mistakes here. I wrote the date and name too soon. I thought he was already done. Two, I put the wrong date! This was drawn last April 27 not 28.

This is is drawing last weekend. See the improvement?

His art teacher (that’s me!), taught him how to ikot ikot ( swirly strokes) and zigzag ( left to right).

I am a sucker for anything memorabilia. I bought this clear folder to store and organize his drawings.

On my shopping list

– food color

– non toxic paint

– easel sheets

– water hand pumps

– stamp set

– tape

We are doing finger painting this weekend. Wish me luck!

PS. I drew the first page myself! Hehe


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