Arts and Crafts Time with Tita Maqui

I am officially the coolest tita in the eyes of my pamangkins. Hehe. Collecting those make-and-do books, seeing treasure in what to most people  is trash and staying up late checking out craft blogs finally paid off. Now I have more reason to collect kiddie craft books and more trash with potential.

Some of the artsy fartsy stuff we did back in Elbi

From fuzzy wires and pompoms, Jyl and Rock were able to make bangles, “spring queen” and a sea horse.

Jyl calls this “Hearts on Air”

Using fabric crayons

We gave our old sandos a make over. Rock calls his drawing Abrock (abstract)

From paper, we made paper lanterns

and a crazy necklace.

Glitter Art

Toy Telephone from dirty ice cream cups

Hands down, everyone’s favorite art activity was….

 Sidewalk chalk drawing!

I have been looking for sidewalk chalks locally but did not find any. I tried ordinary  chalk on our Paranaque garage and found the drawing too light. Now I know the secret. It is the surface that matters. Our garage is very rough while my mom’s is quite smooth. (mental note: discuss garage renovation project with Franco)

This is Jyl’s drawing of me..

And this is Aki drawing. He drew on the chairs, plants, wheels of our van

I hope Aki would also see me as a cool mom someday.

More on Akira Art on my next post.


4 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts Time with Tita Maqui

    • Wish ko rin neighbors ko ang N@Wie sisters ko!! My magpa brat yun ibang kapitbahay ko eh. hehe
      ordnary chalk lang yan sis. pinili ko langyun pinakamatingkad ang color. ang important ay maganda at smooth yun semento.

  1. AC says:

    namiss ko bigla ang mga pamangkin ko sa pinas. gusto ko pa naman ganyan din bonding namin, kaso maliliit pa sila masyado. baka sakali pagbalik ko ayan magbobonding na kame over art. 🙂

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