Elbi Easter Party

Warning: picture heavy, proud tita post ahead.

I want to think that one major reason why I am the mom I am today is because I had a great training as a tita.  I super love my nieces and nephews to bits.  It is sad that we live far away.  They all live in Laguna while we are here based in Paranaque. My sister and I made it our personal mission to make holidays more memorable for the kids so they will grow up close and with fun-filled memories of each other.

Rocky (4), Jyl (8), Ara (6), Jasha (10)

 This Easter Party, I have been planning since December. Initially, this party was supposed to be Aki’s one and a half birthday party. But come party day, we forgot about the easter plates, cake blowing, happy birthday song and the giveaways so to everyone this is just the Elbi Easter party. I am not really bothered that we forgot to sing happy birthday because to the kids, it was one great party that they would look forward to attending every year.

The new generation of Nevalga's kids. That's Adi on the right. He is two months younger than Aki.

For lunch, we had my mom’s barbeque and my sister’s pasta bar. My sis made tuna marinara and carbonara sauces. We had instant pesto care of Jamie Oliver.

First Activity: Cupcake Decorating. Because it is Easter, I made carrot cupcakes (Easter bunny, carrots, gets?)and cream cheese frosting. Good thing, Lola Do has a lot of aprons so the kids including Aki had an apron on. We used choco chips and four-in-one Betty Crocker sprinkles to make our cupcakes prettier.

Easter carrot cupcakes


Second Activity: Egg Decorating. We used egg dyes from McCormick. They had been in our pantry for more than 3 years and the colors are still great. We are not sure if they are still edible though. I learned the dyeing technique from Martha Stewart.

we stole the smaller eggs from my mom's native chickens' nest. heeheee





Third Activity: Bunny Books. While we, adults, were busy hiding the eggs, we asked the kids to go to Jyl’s room where there were bunny books and rabbit stuff toys waiting for them.

Fourth Activity: Easter Egg Hunt. We filled the eggs with treats. The big eggs had money inside. Just like in the past egg hunts, Jyl found the most eggs but it was Jasha who went home with the most money. hehe.


Fifth Activity: Egg Relay. After counting their money and sweet treats, we lined up the kids for a spoon and egg relay. At first, we could not decide howw to do it. My mom wanted the kids to just how the spoons. She was worried that the kids might hurt themselves if they trip. I kinda agreed with her and thought it would be easier if the kids just stretch their hands and hold a serving spoon with an egg on it. In the end, the biggest kid, my husband won and we decided to play the game traditionally. Next year, we will use plastic spoons because rocky said Lola Do’s metal spoon was heavy and “masakit sa ngala ngala”.

the game master

Even though Aki is too young to participate in the activies, he did enjoy following his kuya and ates around. During the egg relay, he put a spoon on his mouth and asked his lola to hold it. After all the activities, Aki pretended to scare the girls who were inside tent. When the older kids ran, he ran with them. Soon, the kids were trying to chase Aki. It was one moment that I really wish I was able to record on video.

This is my favorite photo of the day. It is blurry, yes, but the tightness of the hug, the joy in their eyes, and the winning smiles all remind me that cousins are the next best thing to having a sibling.


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