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Kids, please play with your food

Who said playing with food is bad?

I tried to make the Holy Week more memorable for the kids by having different activities lined up for them. Every day I tried to have at least one outdoors-y ( bubbles, swimming, morning stroll, chicken feeding), arts and crafts ( more about that later) and one food related activity. 

This is how we played with our food:

Angry Octo-hotdogs. These were supposed to be smiling but carving, I learned, is a talent that I do not possess.


Mashed Potato Faces
Rocky playing with the toy mixer with real dirty ice cream in it.

The kids were not involved when we made lemongrass iced tea but they were thrilled to drink it. Not just because of the interesting taste but also because of their fun crazy straws! To make it more fun fun fun, I asked the kids to label their straws.

Junior Master Chef Rocky (helping mix the coffee jelly)

Junior Master Chef Jyl, helping with the waffles

Cookie Monster Aki

Our other food creations

Choco chip waffles with peach slices and cream



Choco chip cookies ( recipe c/o Martha Stewart)



Coffee Jelly