Memoirs of a Mummy

My Poor Teething Boy

He would not eat anything except for his lampin.

He is ok now. Well, umm, not super ok, but better. He had fever from Sunday until Wednesday. Thursday, he developed rashes. Doc said they are normal and are actually signs that he is going to get better.

5 thoughts on “My Poor Teething Boy

  1. Mommy, have you heard of homeopathic remedies? If you’ll have time to research on it, I suggest you read about Chamomilia. That’s the one I used for when my three kids went through their teething stages, or until now, for when my almost 2-year old baby gets cranky and all. They’re very safe, and you can purchase them at Healthy Options.
    Hope your dear son gets better soon. 😀

    1. he is ok now maya!
      thanks for the tip. im into halamang gamot, are they the same as homeopathic remedies? thanks for the tip. will research on those soon

  2. Glad to hear that Aki’s well already. Your Aki is like my Ina when she cuts teeth and it’s really distressing for a mom but I know that it is just a phase that they will soon grow out of. 🙂

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