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How to Relieve Toddler Teething Pain (ala Aki)

Today, we celebrate Aki’s 18th month birthday. Sadly, I only got to spend a few minutes with him today because I need to go to work ( I already took a leave yesterday). When I came home at 7:30PM, two hours before his sleeping time, he was  already in zzzz zzzz zzz land. What is even more unfortunate is that he is spending his one and a half birthday with painful swollen gums. He has not one, not two, not three but 5, yes FIVE, teeth that are about to erupt.

How I wish I can take away the pain. If I can make  a deal with the tooth fairy to trade in Aki’s pain with five of my molars, I really would. He has been on Tempra almost every 4 hours since Sunday afternoon. After taking the medicine, his temperature would go down but would go up again after a few hours. He has been eating less, even rejecting his favorites yogourt and Yakult. To say that he is extremely cranky and clingy these past few days is an understatement.

And when all else fail, this pair of bright blue boots saves day!


Aki loves his blue boots so much. As soon as he wakes up, he looks for them and wants to put them on immediately. I thought, like yogurt and Yakult,  they would temporarily lose their magic on my boy, but no, he became less fussy as soon as he wore them.

And because he kept pointing at the door and doing the drivey drivey baby sign, we let him sit for a few minutes behind the wheel. For this toddler, happiness is playing with the horn until the neighbors complain.

For this mummy, happiness is seeing my teething toddler happy. We will be forever thankful to Tempra and to these improvised toys that made our little one forget the big bad pain inside his mouth.

This paper can! I know this looks kinda dangerous. Don’t worry. We were right there, watching his every move. And the can is big enough for Aki to put it on and remove it by himself. His arms were stretched forward as he tried to look for us. So funny. Maybe in a month or two, we won’t let him play this game anymore. By then, the can might be too small for his head already. For now, we will enjoy every bit of this silly game.

For a moment, I wondered if Aki was really sick. Look at what he stacked. Take note, these are unopened, 1 kilo cans. Samson is that you?

Happy birthday, Akira gorilla! I am sorry I could not be there when you had your check up this afternoon. I am sorry I had to go to work today. I really wish I could be with you today and all day everyday. Pls get better soon. Mameh loves you super super.

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