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House Blessing

Several weekends ago, we had our dear little house..

We share the duplex with Franco's brother and his wife. The right side is ours.

Blessed! Finally (11 months after we moved in) ! Yey!

If there is something I learned from the experience that is to

Always comb your hair and have a good look in the mirror before leaving the room. This applies most especially  if you are expecting visitors and a lot of pictures. I hate all my pictures from that day because my hair was just horrible!

 I hurriedly took a bath, got dressed, cut the circles for the candles and ran downstairs to greet our relatives.

You see, that morning, I was not in the mood for any family gathering. My mom and my sister were sick and advised that they could not make it.  I invited two aunts and their families. Tita Sor, my mom’s sister, did not confirm. The other one, Tita Elout, my dad’s sis, who was coming from Laguna, said they were coming in late. 

I had a lot of plans for that day. I had  theme in mind: Home is Where the Heart Is. I wanted to buy heart balloons to make the garden and the driveways more festive. I bought heart cupcake sprinkles and cupcake liners with red and pink hearts. I already had stuff for the loot bag for the kids. I have scapbooking paper with hearts and the word love printed. I was supposed to wrap them around the candles. I bought blue and orange throw pillow cases to match my new curtains. I collected items like our pay slip, our water bill,  and a Yakult bottle, for our time capsule. I wanted our souvenirs to be ref magnets with a picture of a house with a heart inside. Of all this, only the last materialized.

Aki, doing his share in preparing the house for the blessing

Anyhoo, we got a priest from our parish. We started the blessing with a prayer. After the priest blessed every corner of our houses, we did the ceremonial coin throw. 

For the food, because we did not want to stress ourselves, we just bought barbeque and pancit palabok. Manang cooked her famous banana  jackfruit spring rolls. Mae, my brother in law’s wife, cooked Tilapia Alfredo, lumpiang shanghai and buko pandan.

Family from my husband's side
Titos, Titas, Cousins, Nephews and Nieces from my side


Entertainment was provided by our toddler. Here  he is, charming his lolas.

We are still planning to have a time capsule. That would be great reminder when we dig it up when we are 80 years old, of how we started out. We just need to find time to decorate the  tin can and dig. I hope it won’t take us 11 months.

2 thoughts on “House Blessing

  1. waw. LITTLE house ba yan? laki naman ah. im sure maganda kinalabasan nyan interior dahil mabusisi ka, organized at creative. 🙂 sana ako din magkabahay na soon! kahit ako lang muna, kahit wala pang pamilyang ititira. bwahahahaha! 😆

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