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The Evolution of his Baby Tricks

This post is to remind me that I need to take more pictures, record more videos and write more notes on Aki’s development.

The boy is growing up so fast. He is learning a lot of new things. Like today, he learned a new word: TAPA for Lola Patty.  Hehe. We can’t be wrong because he said it 4x. When Ate Patty ignored his calls, he went to her, tapped her back and said Tapa.

While it is great to see him grow, it is also sad that he is also outgrowing some of our favorite antics. For example, his sign for “drink”, which is finger tips pressed to his lips with matching tilting of the head, is now just the back of his hand on his forehead.  He used to say Hooooo when we ask him to say Tahooooo. Now, since our fave taho vendor has been missing in action for the past two weeks,  he ignores me everytime I ask him.

This is how Mousey-Mousey looks like

But late last year it looked like this. Too bad, I don’t have  good picture of it.

He used to do the Drivey-drivey everytime he sees anything circle.

Even with our  ring.

Now, Drivey-drivey is more of a baby sign that he uses to tell us that he wants to play behind the steering wheel of our car. It is now  palm over the back of the other hand, with the two wrist going up and down alternately. And I don’t have a picture of it. Boooo to me.

Before, everytime he hears the Uno-Dos-Tres-Quatro Vaseline commercial, he’d  put his hands on his head and smile at us. The  commericial doesn’t get a much airtime as it used to and my boy is not as excited doing the trick as he used to be.

These two tricks he still likes to do.

Yes Sir which is saluting. He does it everytime our village roving guards pass by our house.

Taas ang Kamay ng Mga( Raise your hand if you )….. I will finish the sentence depending on what comes to mind. The first taas ng kamay sentence was when Aki was recovering from fever. It was …taas ang kamay ng mga…. di na ligo ( raise your hand if you …. did not take a bath!) Funny coz  he really seems to listens. If he does not like the end of the sentence, he won’t raise his hand.

Haaay.. if only I can videotape every single moment.

6 thoughts on “The Evolution of his Baby Tricks

  1. Dade has outgrown a lot of tricks, too. I think ganun talaga. Don’t worry, he’ll have more pa naman lalo na ngayon na mas interactive na sya.

  2. Hi Maqui,

    This made me laugh, especially the last photo. I have a 9 month old baby boy and we cant wait to teach him more tricks. 🙂


        1. oh yes i do! A few weeks ago I saw your son’s baptism pix c/o Benny’s FB. 🙂
          Di ba writer kayo ng hubby mo? maybe you should also start a blog on your adventures

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