Aki's Airplane 1st Birthday · Memoirs of a Mummy

My Airplane Party Inspiration


This was taken April of 2009. I was three months pregnant then. We did not know the gender of our baby.

The boy holding the pink walkie talkie is Tosilog. He was the captain. His brother, Joaquing-quing was the co-pilot. The girl, our only girl, Jyllilay, is of course, the stewardess. (We were supposed to wear matching flight attendant outfits to Aki’s airplane party.) Jyl’s preparing food in the airplane kitchen for our lone passenger, Rock Rock, the then-youngest of the rowdy brood. 

This picture never fails to make me smile. Sometimes though, it also makes me sad. When Aki is 3 years old, Jyl and Tosi would be tweens by then and might not play make-believe games with my little one anymore.

Oh, they ask  the cutest things. I so look forward to documenting Aki’s questions.

After watching our onsite wedding video

Tosi: Tita Maqui, bakit mo ini-eat ang mouth ni Tito Franco? (Tita, why were you eating Tito’s mouth) —> referring to the 5 second kissing scene


After I gave birth. Tosi asked his lola

Tosi: Lola, ilan ang anak ni Tita Maqui (Lola, how many babies does Tita have?)

Lola Sor: Isa. Baket? (One, why?)

Tosi: Akala ko three. Hingi sana ako para sa basketball team namin. (I thought she has three. I want to ask if I can have one for our basketball team)


Here is Jyl referring to her mom’s big eyes.

Jyl: Mommy, bakit yun eyes mo parang eggs? (Mommy, why do your eyes look like eggs?)


Rocky during a discussion with his dad on why the dad was left behind when the family migrated to the US. Rocky’s dad explained that he was already over-age when the petition was granted.

Rocky: Tatay, hindi mo na  kaylangan ng mommy? (Dad, you don’t need a mommy anymore?)

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