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Advanced Baby Sign Language

This is Aki’s famous mouse-y mouse-y baby trick. Not really a baby sign but it is too cute not to share. Plus I don’t have a lot of  new pictures of Aki signing in action.

His current favorite is Oh, men!. It  is a light tap with immediate bounce on his forehead. It means “Ooops”. He does it when  he accidentaly drops something, or when his shoe falls off his foot or when food particles slide off his plate. What is funny is that he does it so  many times in  day to the point that I caught him doing the oh, men! sign even when he was sleeping! Hahaha

The eat and drink signs are also very helpful.  One time he was doing the eat sign several times. I told him to wait for a bit because lunch is not yet cooked. I distracted them with toys and TV.  After a few minutes, he did the eat sign again. When I tried to distract him again, he did the eat sign again but this time, forcefully! Haha. As if he was complaining and demanding to be fed right away.

Arigato or Thank you sign (bowing) after Tita opened his Yakult bottle

The sign for more is another favorite. Last weekend, we were playing “Super Hug”. Super hug is counting 1, 2, 3, then giving eaching other a tight squeeze. I love giving and getting super hugs but I did not know until last Saturday that he loves it as much as I do. Just when I thought that he wanted to play something else, he did the more sign followed by the hug/embrace sign. Aaaaaw!

Inasmuch as I  love baby sign language, I am a bit torn if I should continue teaching new signs to Aki. Dra. Saulog mentioned that she has patients who know baby sign language and spoke late. I also noticed that we do not have signs for his first words like Duh ( daddy), Mamamamam (mummy) and Ija (Manang Lydia). Although not consistently, I sometimes hear him say  syllables that sound like the name of the object that he is pointing to. For example, yesterday morning he said “is is” while pointing to the walis/broom. I’ve heard him say “ows” (nose), “ayt” (light),  “aaas aaas” (toast toast), “taaaa” (Tita) and “ssss ssss”  (eyes).

Now that he is starting to to talk, should I continue teaching new signs?  I am so torn! I need a sign!

One thought on “Advanced Baby Sign Language

  1. If you think you still have the energy to teach him more signs, ako sis I say go! :)) meron kami fave site sa you tube eh. Search mo Smart Hands CA. Meron pa sila mga sing and sign. Maia enjoys watching them and signing along kahit huli sya. waha.

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