Memoirs of a Mummy

Toddler Shoes from Singapore and from Samar

In just a span of 10 days, Aki got 2 new pairs of shoes from people we love.

Not that he needs new shoes. His shoe collection is more or less 20 pair strong. Thank God for hand me downs. We don’t need to buy shoes until several years from now. And by then, we probably inherited several more preloved pairs.

This one from Singapore care of Ninang Ameronie.   Aki’s skull and cross bones onesies would look great when paired with these shoes. Only problem is that those onesies don’t fit his fat belly anymore.

And this pair is from Manang when she went home to Samar. We always appreciate when Manang has pasalubong for us from her trips. Be it, bananas, herbs, cocoa or orchids from her garden, we always show that we are thankful.  We super appreciate this gift because  we know how much she needs each peso she earns. The non-stop rain and flood  in Samar early this year greatly affected her family and their house.  They lost pans, pots, plates and some clothes because the the flood carried them away.  Manang buying Aki a pair of Crocs, even if they are not original, because I did not buy him when she told me to,  is just extra thoughtful.

8 thoughts on “Toddler Shoes from Singapore and from Samar

  1. Aaawww…Manang is so sweet!

    Gosh, ang dami ding shoes ni Aki! sarap ng hand-me-downs no? mapicturan nga rin nang ganyan ang mga shoes ni Dade. he also has about the same number of pairs, and at least 75% are given to him either as gifts or as hand-me-downs. lucky, lucky boys!

    1. super lucky boys indeed. I am really hoping that our next baby will be girl but somehow, nakakapanghinayang ang baby stuff that we accumulated for Aki. syang naman kung di magagamit ng next baby

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