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Books for my little valentine

Since love is in the air, these are books that I have been reading to Aki..

I love this book because everytime I read this it feels like I am reading my diary. In my favorite page, it says  I love you when you’re happy and grinning from ear to ear. In the picture, you will see the toddler fox happily eating his mom’s choco chip cookies. This reminds me of how focused and extremely happy Aki is everytime he eats the cookies I bake. The expression is so priceless that it makes me want to stay home and bake all day.

This book helped me teach Aki about body parts. Thanks to this book, Aki now points to our ears, nose, eyes, tongue and hair when asked.


Of the many books that we bought for Aki, this one is by far my ultimate favorite. I got so touched by it that I cried mommy happy tears while reading it for the first time inside the bookstore. The little boy in this book asks his mom if he will still love him if he was something else,  a gorilla, an bug-eating alien, dangerous alligator, swamp monster etc. The mom’s answers are all amusing and shows just how deep and unwavering a mother’s love can be.  When the boy asked if his mommy will still love him if he were  big scary ape, the mother’s answer was “If you were a big scary ape, I would make  your birthday cake out of bananas  and I would tell you, I love you, my big scary ape”

happy heart’s day to the little one who makes my heart jump with joy, who picked a leaf and gave it to me, who dances with me as I sing out of tune upbeat love song. I love you my dear little darling baby valentine.



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New Doors and Upcoming House Projects

It is been months since I posted anything related to the house or to home-making. Now that we have a great yaya slash househelp, problems inside the house get resolved before I get informed.  No need for me to get OC crazy coz she takes care of things without being asked. I don’t need to spend Friday night planning menus and making my weekly  palengke shopping list. The garden gets trimmed even before  I notice that unwanted weeds are growing. More about Manang on a separate post.

For now, let me share our most recent major  house project: our new doors.

Before, it looked like this. I have always wanted sliding doors because I am in love with Swedish panel curtains.

The sliding doors slide on the outer side of the wall. We  had it made that way so we can make use of the inner side of walls. Bad move! The doors get stuck because  little pebbles get inside the rails. Also, the doors can be easily removed. Yup, as in, we can remove the doors. Iskeri!

As as security measure, we’ve added extra doors made of hardwood.  It was supposed to be a solid door but I decided to change the design so light can pass thru.  We kept the sliding door but had let go of the panel curtains. 😦

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When there is a toddler in the house … (Part V of 20000)

..Mom’s and Dad’s techy toys retire earlier than expected.

Aki has always liked playing with remote controls and cellphones. In fact, when he was 8 months old, his first object-action associations involved them (pointing the remote to the TV and putting the phone next to his ear).  Now, that Aki’s not the gentlest kid in the world, I fear that my phone is about to meet its early death. My last two phones served me well for 4 years and the other for 7 years. Now, my current phone bought 5 months ago, because Aki likes to throw and bang it, shuts down automatically in the middle of a call.

The worst and most recent casualty  is my digicam. I am the type of girl who likes taking photos  and videos for documentation sake. Last Saturday and Sunday were great days for pictures. Brought Aki to Makati Cinema Square for the first time. Never seen him that excited inside a mall. Dinner at Jollibee. Aki dipped his fries on ketchup, barbeque sauce, vanilla sundae, spaghetti and pineapple juice. A playdate with my N@wie sisters. A visit to my Tita in BF. Brought home not one, not two, not three but four pre-loved balls. Went to THREE garage sales.  Forgot to bring diapers, had to use lampin on the kid while attending mass, went home with wet pants because Aki pee-ed and then sat on my lap. Franco looked so unnatural and sweet at the same time as he read a book to Aki. It was a precious weird father and son bonding moment (“..i like it when you read books with me..” O eto na yun diba? ).  Unfortunately, not a single photo or video. 

These are some of the last pictures from my dying camera…

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dog tag for my baby puppy

 As a mom to a too fast, too curious tot, one of my many fears is that Aki might get lost. One day we will probably use a harness on him. It may sound inhumane but if that is what it will take to keep him safe, I won’t mind being stared at. Imagine if he gets lost inside an international airport. Airport officials might think he is Indonesian and send him to Jakarta.

Since he is too young to memorize his full name, our address and contact numbers,  I thought of another way to make him identifiable. My solution? A dog tag!  Am so proud of myself for coming up with this brilliant idea. I got so excited that I got  one for Aki and for my 10+ other nieces, nephews and godchildren.

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