Maqui's Me Time

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Some of the prizes I won in the last couple of months.

From Moms Today Magazine, a kiddie chair, 1 pack of Prokids diapers, food containers from Avon Home,  a grocery bag, pen, umbrella and a coaster from Bisolvon. Except for the coaster, all the items are very useful.

From Baby Magazine,  2 magazines, pink pillow, yellow and pink feeding bottles, sippy  cup, training  cup, and infant cotton buds. In short, stuff that we do not need. This is my favorite win but I was really disappointed with my prizes. If anyone would like to have the bottles and the cups, just leave me  a note.

From Mummy’s Review, non-disposable  swim diapers c/o  Tiny Pants. Oh, this is my first international win. Mummy Reviews is Malaysia based but their contests are open to ASEAN countries. Can I just say we are so ready for the N@W Swimming Playdate!! 

From the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, 150 pesos, baby!  This is our first lotto win! We won during the  500M jackpot fever last year. Now we have  a set of numbers where we will always put our bets on. These are the numbers that Aki’s  pointer finger touched first when we asked him to pick some numbers.

From our office Christmas party, a pair of Creative speakers. I was jumping like crazy because I thought finally we can play some music in the house ( we don’t have a radio. purita us) Apparently, these speakers are just speakers. We still need to buy an mp3 player before we can play anything.  Pardon my ignorance. These are my first speakers and I am not a music person.  So, poor Aki is still music deprived. Btw, his favorite songs now are the theme songs of Mara Clara and Mutya.   

From Yummy Magazine, a Santi’s Delicassen gift certificate worth 1K. Now my ref has  feta, mozzarella, ricota and parmesan cheese.  This weekend, we are gonna have an Italian feast! 

This year, I won’t set monthly goals for myself. Most contest nowadays are  in Facebook and require soliciting “likes”, which I don’t like.  I will stick to my current favorite cheap thrill, PCSO scratch-and-win games! I, Manang, her husband,  Franco, my mom, and my niece Jyl all have won.  I probably win 1 out of 4 tries. Not bad eh?

7 thoughts on “Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

  1. oh maqui, you are one lucky girl! :)) i’ve personally given up on joining blog and magazine contests because i never win! hahaha. poor me. tyagain mo ang super lotto! who knows di ba???

    1. ultimate dream ko talaga ang manalo sa lotto, sis!
      but really, i think the reason why i get more prizes than most people is because i join more contests. dont give up, malay mo ikaw pa ang manalo sa super 46 jackpot

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