Memoirs of a Mummy

Manang’s Side Kick

Everybody, please gather around and give a warm round of applause to Manong Aki!

Here he  is helping Manang wipe the sliding doors.

He is the runaway janitor with a mop more than twice his size. (off topic: Am so pleased with my new cam. It was hard to take a good photo of Aki running with the mop but the new little cam delivered and exceeded my expectations.)

Since he loves cleaning, we got him his very own broom! So cute, noh?  My mom bought it at the Los Banos Market. O-oh! Manong’s getting tired.

After a tiring  30 second turbo sweeping, he needs his energy drink.

Yesterday, we were at the mall, eating lunch. I handed him his bib and told him to wipe his messy face. He took the bib and wiped the spills on the table instead! Crazy!

Aki is in the stage where he tries to imitate us. When I am eating, he insists on sitting beside me and having a spoon and plate. To prepare him for potty training, I am letting him watch his dad pee so he’d have an idea how boys do it. I also  make sure that he never ever sees me put on powder or make up. He might copy! 

I love this stage. It makes teaching him baby tricks and good manners easy and fun. I sang and danced the My toes, My knees song for the first time and in a few seconds, he’s reaching for his knees!  When Franco and I are cuddling in bed, as soon as I say “Family Hug!”, he runs towards us and gives us a squeezing hug.


3 thoughts on “Manang’s Side Kick

  1. gosh, immaculately clean pa rin ang house nyo! and we have Aki to thank for that! yung bahay namin parang dinadaanan ng tornado everyday. it’s such a mess!! wala pa naman kaming manang to help us…huhuhu!

    kakatawa when they immitate, no? ako na-notice ko one time how Dade was seriously watching me put on my make up sa car. di ko na inulit…hahaha! 😛

  2. Ang cutie ng son mo sis! Galing mo! Ganyan dapat ginagawa sa mga toddler diba, let them do what they want to do, let them explore and experience things.. hindi tulad ng other moms, puro nooooo.. dooooon’t.. pano sila matututo diba? 🙂

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