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Our Pinwheel Garden

Summer is near. And I can see that my garden is starting to feel the heat and the absence of rain. The little patch of green is now  brown. Since Aki loves pinwheels and since the garden is dying, I got these fun fun fun pinwheels to add  a burst of colors.

I love looking outside our windows every afternoon, when the wind is strong and the  pinwheels are spinning like crazy.

If you are wondering why part of the wall is unpainted, that is because we had the wall built and painted before we had the garden landscaped. When the workers  levelled off the soil, the unpainted part of the wall got exposed. I planted forget-me-nots in that area, but sadly all plants except for one, did not thrive.

Back to the pinwheels, if you are interested in buying one, troop to Diviland, and go straight to Anding’s in the Bodega Building/Mall. They are fun. They are colorful. They don’t need to be maintained. They store flat when disassembled. And best of all, they are super cheap at 75 bucks a piece.

If you don’t have time to go to Divi, find someone who will and beg her (like what i did!). Or you can go to National bookstore where they sell same pinwheels for almost twice the price in Andings.

8 thoughts on “Our Pinwheel Garden

  1. Super like the pinwheels sis! Ma-aapreciate tlga ng toddlers even babies! 🙂 i want to buy nga for my son eh, pero pag nakapunta na siguro ako sa Andings! Hehehe. Galing mo tlga sis! 🙂

    1. meron nga pa lang andings sa market market. i heard yun items dun not as cheap as the ones in Divi pero mura pa rin compared to toy Kingdom.
      btw, sis, I sent you a PM last week about party planning for your boy’s 1st bday. baka napunta sa spam. 🙂

      1. ahh really sis? wla nga ko na-receive, check ko nga.. may anding’s din sa market? ayun pde pa mapuntahan agad.. san dun sis?

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