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Books for my little valentine

Since love is in the air, these are books that I have been reading to Aki..

I love this book because everytime I read this it feels like I am reading my diary. In my favorite page, it says  I love you when you’re happy and grinning from ear to ear. In the picture, you will see the toddler fox happily eating his mom’s choco chip cookies. This reminds me of how focused and extremely happy Aki is everytime he eats the cookies I bake. The expression is so priceless that it makes me want to stay home and bake all day.

This book helped me teach Aki about body parts. Thanks to this book, Aki now points to our ears, nose, eyes, tongue and hair when asked.


Of the many books that we bought for Aki, this one is by far my ultimate favorite. I got so touched by it that I cried mommy happy tears while reading it for the first time inside the bookstore. The little boy in this book asks his mom if he will still love him if he was something else,  a gorilla, an bug-eating alien, dangerous alligator, swamp monster etc. The mom’s answers are all amusing and shows just how deep and unwavering a mother’s love can be.  When the boy asked if his mommy will still love him if he were  big scary ape, the mother’s answer was “If you were a big scary ape, I would make  your birthday cake out of bananas  and I would tell you, I love you, my big scary ape”

happy heart’s day to the little one who makes my heart jump with joy, who picked a leaf and gave it to me, who dances with me as I sing out of tune upbeat love song. I love you my dear little darling baby valentine.



6 thoughts on “Books for my little valentine

  1. San mo nabili sis? I’ve been looking for books like that. Meron lang ako, Guess How Much I Love You.. Saka yung I Love You Forever. Nu’ng Valentine’s book din gift ko sa son ko eh.. =p Pero picture book! Hihihih.. Happy Vday! Ü

    1. sis, i get all of Aki’s books from Booksale, either here in SM Bicutan or in Makati Cinema Square. Ang pinaka mahal na sa tatlo siguro is about 65 bucks. Nabasa ko na rin yun guess how much I love you, pero parang di ko masyado type. Yun Love you forever, gusto ko talaga, pero namamahalan ako. Hehe. Kaya hinihintay ko na lang mgkaroon sa booksale.

      1. buti ka pa sis, dami good finds sa booksale na npupuntahan mo, ndi kc ako mkpagscout ng books.. sa sm southmall wla nman na atang booksale.. sna mkahanap din ako ng books na nakita mo, mukhang maganda eh..

        sa NBS mganda din kaso super mahal grabe! un picture book nga na nabili ko, 134 sa stationary eh, binili ko na tlga! 🙂

        1. super mahal talaga ng books. although good investment sila nakakahinayang bumili ng mahal because kids love throwing and chewing on them. kaya ako i have limit of 100 pesos per book. but in booksale, usually 65 bucks lang, kaya pasok sa budget.
          i researched branches close to your area. not sure if updated though:

          Las Piñas City

          BOOKSALE SM Southmall
          Alabang-Zapote Road
          Tel. 800-36-31

          BOOKSALE M-STAR Mall
          GF M-Star Mall, Phil-Am Life Village,
          Pamplona, Las Piñas City

          1. meron pa pala

            BOOKSALE Alabang Town Center
            Food Choices, Second Level
            Alabang Town Center

            BOOKSALE Metropolis Star
            Basement Level near Food Court
            South Superhighway, Alabang

            BOOKSALE Festival Mall 1
            GF Festival Supermall near Foodcourt
            Alabang, Muntinupa City

            BOOKSALE Festival Mall 2
            Space #K101 – 1st Level Festival Supermall
            Alabang, Muntinupa City
            Tel. 807-5630

            i dont know if it is updated. Yun SM bicutan brnch kase wala sa list nila

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