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dog tag for my baby puppy

 As a mom to a too fast, too curious tot, one of my many fears is that Aki might get lost. One day we will probably use a harness on him. It may sound inhumane but if that is what it will take to keep him safe, I won’t mind being stared at. Imagine if he gets lost inside an international airport. Airport officials might think he is Indonesian and send him to Jakarta.

Since he is too young to memorize his full name, our address and contact numbers,  I thought of another way to make him identifiable. My solution? A dog tag!  Am so proud of myself for coming up with this brilliant idea. I got so excited that I got  one for Aki and for my 10+ other nieces, nephews and godchildren.

It fashionable, unique and useful. The kids and their parents liked my gift. One side shows their picture and full name. On the other are our contact numbers  and address. I didn’t forget to include the country code in our contact numbers and  Philippines in the address so people would know where the kids are from.

Special thanks to my artsy fartsy sister for doing the lay out!

12 thoughts on “dog tag for my baby puppy

  1. this is brilliant! one thing we have for Dade now is a harness. we use it when he’s not in his stroller. so what if we look like we’re putting a leash to our son? we’re just too scared to lose him because he can be real fast.

  2. Yes, this is really a great idea sis!
    Okay din ung tattoo na may number ng parents..
    Nakita ko yun sa multiply eh! =p

      1. Yes sis! Tattoo siya.. Nakita ko sa multiply..
        May kasama nga marker eh.. May space kau na dun mu susulat name ng parents at contact number.. =p

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