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Toddler School Search: Don Bosco Day Care

Since I was in the area, I checked out another preschool nearby, Don Bosco Day Care Center. We do not have plans of enrolling Aki in a public school (unless it is UP where I attended both HS and college) but I was really curious on how kids are taught there.

Here are the things I learned and noticed about this school:

– It is located beside the Don Bosco Barangay Hall which is kinda big for a barangay hall. I guess that makes the location secure since kidnappers would need to run or drive  half a kilometer before reaching the main road. On the other hand, I noticed that there is no security guard dedicated to the day care. When I arrived, the gate was open although the teacher aide was there to call the kids when their guardians arrive.

– There are  no  slide or swing set but kids were happily running around and playing. This is a big contrast to Kidsville where there are  lot of Little Tykes but no kids playing.

– Teacher student ratio is 1 is to 50.

– They only have one classroom, meaning they only have one class per year level. I love that the classroom is big and bright.  There are a lot of books, many of them were donations. Kids’ artworks are displayed for everyone to see. I also like the recycled ABC’s.

– Tuition fee is 400 pesos for one year. Uniforms are excluded although sometimes politicians sponsor the kids PE uniform and school bag.

– There is only one teacher for all the classes. I noticed that that there were missplelled words written on the blackboard. I first hesitated to call the attention of the teacher. She was busy but found time to show me around and I did not want to offend here. But then again, 50 kids for each year level  means  150 kids might think that FEEL is spelled as FELL . The teacher did not seem offended and even thanked me for pointing our her mistake.

Don Bosco Day Care Center  may not be the best school around  but it sure does have one very patient and dedicated teacher.

I just realized  that I also need to ask  what other expenses should we anticipate aside from the the tuition fee, like books, uniforms, PTA contributions, etc.


2 thoughts on “Toddler School Search: Don Bosco Day Care

  1. kala ko naman typo error or something lang yung FELL. e ayun pala sa picture, ang daming sentences.. so yung teacher yun talaga “FELL” nyang speyling ng FEEL. hehe. pero nakakalungkot noh..

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