Toddler School Search: Kidsville

Am I atat or what?

I have been checking out potential preschools for Aki. I am not rushing him to learn how to read and write.  Just want him to socialize with kids his age. There are a lot of kids in our village but most of them are older, like 4 or 5 years old. Aki likes being around kids but I noticed that kids in our area are more interested in playing with Aki’s toys than playing with my son. I guess Aki does not make a good playmate yet for older kids since he does not understand the game rules and can’t talk yet. As manang said, Aki’s non-family playmates are mostly our neighbor’s drivers and helpers.

Anywoo, I decided to check out the two schools closest to us. First up was Kidsville which is within the village. Yey!

My visit was unscheduled but the principal was nice enough to accommodate me.

Here is what I learned and noticed about this school.

– Teacher student ratio is about 1:15. The less students in a class, the better so the teacher can focus on each student.

– Their method is progressive.

– Since I am  a stage mummy, I asked where they hold their graduations and other events like Christmas presentations. It is not a dealbreaker.  I just hope the venue is spacious so I don’t need to fight with other parents to get good shots when Aki plays the role of Joseph in his Christmas play.  Apparently, they hold their major events at the auditorium of Insular Building in Alabang.

– The playground, if  I am not mistaken has about 5 or 6 swing/slide sets. Most of them are from Little Tykes. The ground is covered with cement which means kids who accidentally fall could get hurt. Also, not so much space for kids to run around. Another thing that is bothering me about this playground  is that in my 1  year and a half stay in this village,  I never saw a kid play here. Weird. I asked the the principal if kids are allowed to play outside and she said yes. However kids are asked to come inside as soon as they arrive and are asked to stay inside while waiting for their sundo. So, in a way, kids are not allowed to play in the playground.

– And the big question. How much is the tuition fee? Drum rolls please. Sixty thousand pesosesoses! That is six followed by four  zeros. I know that preschool education is expensive nowadays but I have no idea of what is the standard. (;..,k000 ji90io ,m.97u  —>this is Aki’s first time to type! Yey!  I wont erase this for memory’s sake).

– Minimum age. This is the sad part. For their toddler class, they only accept kids who are at least 2 and half years old.  We can only enroll Aki come 2012.


Next time I check out a school, I will make sure I prepare a list of questions for the principals. Aside from preparing  a list, I also need to research on the following:

– pro’s and con’s of different teaching method.  There is the progressive and there is the traditional approach. The name of the later kinda turns me off though. hehe

– going rate of tuition fees

– ideal teacher to student ratio

Hmmm what else do I need to ask and research on?


13 thoughts on “Toddler School Search: Kidsville

  1. Bing says:

    Hi Maqui! I know this article was written 4 years ago but I keep coming back to read this as I am searching for a good school for my 2 years and 8 months child. SHe went to Kidsville summer class but I am having a second thought of enrolling her there for regular classes only because I was expecting to see good quality materials like big story/picture books so everyone can see during story telling, balance beams, sand construction materials like wood blocks, legos & puzzle toys, musical instruments, thematic props, materials for science experiments, props for dramatic play, sandbox etc. This seems to be a big deal for me because for toddler years there should be a lot of hands on, experiments, music and play and having really good materials matter. But I hear a lot of good things about kidsville though. I am just thinking if this school is worth it. Finding a good school for my child seems to be getting complicated now. I am also considering Mahatma Gandhi International School (MGIS) in Merville. Seems like international school has more to offer. They have enrichment classes, foreign language, good facilities, ballet class, robotic class, music class, gymnastics and other sports activities but I wonder if these things matter much for children her age. I think I am keen to know about their program. What programs they have for the whole year. I wonder why some schools like kidsville cannot explain or present well their programs and activities they do in a way parents can visualize how their children would benefit from their program or approach. I am convinced that progressive is approach is more meaningful for pre-schoolers but how do they go about it is what I want to know to gauge if it is worth it. It is not as simple as progressive approach, I want to see the how they do it. May be a good presentation that highlights their regular class activities, events, projects, field trips, how they incorporate science, math and english, writing through their progressive approach etc. I am also torn between Chinese school discipline (which is traditional) and John Dewey system. I admire the Chinese discipline. Learning through repetition and mastery is the way of Chinese but I wonder how their ways encourage critical thinking and creativity. Hope to hear your thoughts. I may be just too apprehensive about making the right decision for my daughter’s formative years and her education.

    • Hi Bing!
      Nice to know that my old posts are still relevant. I think Kidsville is a great school especially if your planning to enroll your kid to sought after big schools. They are traditional and have defined targets for each class level. Aki went to a progressive playschool where teachers take each kid’s readiness into an account. I thought it would be a big adjustment when Aki moved to the big school last year. He easily adjusted and flourished.
      I also know kids who went to Kidsville who loved their school. Depende talaga sa bata. My recommendation is to go to have as many trial sessions as you can. 🙂
      Sorry, I am not familiar with the other schools and Chinese methodology.

      Good luck!
      I will PM you the name of Aki’s playschool

  2. Tin Torres says:

    Hello! I am currently searching for a good progressive school in Paranaque area. We do live in BLS. My kid is 3, turning 4 on august. i am a first time mom and seriously did not think it would be this difficult to find a school! I too, am alumna of UPIS and UP. =P

    I enrolled my daughter at Kidz Domain since January of this year. Same thing with yours (or was, as i realized a year ago na yung entry), we want her to start interacting with other kids. Only child, and only grandchild (yet!). Hehe.

    I hope you can share in experiences with progressive school hunting, We could really use some help. =)

    Thank you in advance.

    • purplemommy says:

      Hello Tin… my daughter goes to Kidsville. It’s her first time to go to formal school, (she used to attend playschool only from Gymboree and Kindermusik), she’s turning 4 on March 2013. The reason why we sent her so early to school was because we wanted her to be exposed to other kids, she was so reserved and clingy. But now, in a span of 5 months, she has improved a lot. My husband and I are so happy with what she has become now, hindi kami nagsisi talaga sa pag-enroll sa kanya sa Kidsville.

  3. pinkmommy says:

    hello mommy maqui, I am also from the area (BLS), currently scouting for good progressive schools within the vicinity. I’ve listed Create and Learn Path which is located in Merville and The Bridge School in BF Northwest, but both are quite far from where we live. I don’t know any good progressive schools in better living, good thing I came across this blog to know more about Kidsville. I’ve been seeing signages of this school and quite curious about it. You didn’t mention in your blog about the rooms, are the rooms big enough to accomodate 15 children? my child is almost 2.5yrs old and by next year we plan to send her to school.

    • Hello PinkMommy!
      I also heard good feedback on Little Archer’s but it is also far.
      I only saw one room and it was a living room turned classroom. The room was spacious but I am not sure about the other rooms.
      I will send you a PM 🙂

      • pinkmommy says:

        thanks mommy maqui. yes you’re right, I’ve seen good feedbacks on Little Archer’s nga, but if I consider that, I might as well send my child to The Bridge School instead of that one, coz we would have the same problem which is the distance, I’d rather choose The Bridge School na lang… we are opting for Kidsville just because of the distance, pero I am really not sure of the quality of education my child will get, we wouldn’t want to gamble quality versus distance, obviously we’d go for quality.

  4. JS says:

    Is it really P60,000?! Is this for the Pre-Nursery stage? Kasi I plan to have my son study there as a Nursery student. Is there a mode of payment?

  5. AC says:

    yeah, you are such an atat and stage mummy. haha! loko lang. 😀 okay yan, as early as now and if your schedule permits naman to scout for a school, why not diba? you’re right din, you should not be rushing him to learn how to read and write.. learning how to socialize first is better.

    i went on FORMAL schooling when i was 3 or 4. i was 5 when i was in grade 1 and i was 15 when i entered the university.. graduated college at 19. at isa lang ang masasabi ko: NAUMAY ako. masyadong minadali ang pag-aaral ko and i swear, di ko gagawin sa anak ko yun. imagine nasa preschool pa lang ako nagsscript writing na ko.. kaya yata nung HS at college ako nuknukan ko ng tamad mag-aral dahil maaga ako nagsawa.

    basta hinay-hinay lang.. wag mo sya madaliin para maenjoy nya ang school life nya. 🙂

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