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Baby Sign Language

Last month, Aki started showing keen interest on toothbrushing. Whenever we brushed our teeth, he would come close, ask to be carried and watch us carefully. Then just one day, Aki went near the sink and started rubbing the back of his hand against his lips. Alas! Aki’s first sign! I took that sign as a sign that Aki is ready to learn sign language.
Basketball. In the middle of eating chicharon, he did the sign for basketball to tell us what activity he wants next.


Now at 15 months, he knows the signs for basketball, none/no more, water, milk, book, drivey drivey, dog, toothbrush, wash hands,  shoes, eat etc. My favorites are his signs for scared and for thank you.  Early this month, we just finished our lunch at Aristocrat. Right after stepping out of the restaurant,  he kept tapping his chest (sign for scared). He then pointed his finger at the large Moriones mask that adorned the nearby Christmas tree.
Close Open = Sign for milk. We never taught Aki the usual baby trick Close Open because it might confuse him with the sign for milk.
His first phrase/sentence also involved the sign for scared. First he opened his hand as he twisted his wrists (sign for none/no more).He did the sign for scared and then pointed at the torotot. He was trying to say that he is no longer scared of the torotot which he hated last Media Noche. I find this really amazing.  His verbal vocabulary is limited to three words (mem for Mummy and iiiz and  bhuz for alis (leave) and labas (outside) yet he was able to construct and express a sentence.
Here is Aki doing the none/no more/all gone sign when we arrived at the unusually empty village basketball court.
I have always been interested in baby sign language. I think I first learned about it from watching Oprah many many years back. When I was pregnant, I came across this book which ignited my interest.
and so when Aki was about 7 months old, I dragged Franco to High Street to attend a Baby Linggo workshop. According to our facilitator, most kids start signing at 8 months. By 11 months, most babies become very receptive.
 Not Aki. I started teaching him the sign for milk as soon as the workshop was over but he only learned it last week. The wait and the 2K workshop fee are so worth it, though. Ever since Aki started showing interest and readiness to learn how to sign at 14 months, our house has been filled with more laughter because taking care of the little one is a lot easier now that he can communicate what is in his mind.
You have no idea how proud I am and how my heart just melts everytime Aki signs thank you.
Here is doing the sign for shoes as Manang puts on his sandals.

13 thoughts on “Baby Sign Language

  1. Hi Maqui! Thanks for sharing this.. na inspire naman akong mag sign language – sana lang madali ring matuto ang twins 🙂 Aki’s too cute btw!

  2. hi maqui! I joined the sign language class din sa BHS last April 2010. Ryken was 8months then but like Aki, late na rin siya nag-sign back, parang 11 months or one year old na ata. Milk lang ang madalas niyang gamitin. Gusto ko nga uli i-reinforce yung baby signs para mas mabilis siyang makapagcommunicate, though marami na siyang nasasabi na words, super daldal kasi katulad ko, hehe.. 🙂

  3. Galing no? 🙂 Until now that Lucas speaks na (well, German pa rin sometimes), he still uses what he knows.
    I can imagine how you feel. We were amazed too when Lucas did his first sign. kakatawa rin because after learning the sign for milk, the moment he sees me when I get home from work, he’d sign “milk” 🙂 Hahaha. Gatas ang tingin sa akin!

  4. I also bought a baby signs book! Vince and I have been using it on him but, being 5 months old, he of course is looking at us with the expression, “Just my luck. My parents are crazy.”

    But the yaya won’t do it. Or rather, she’s having a hard time memorizing the signs. So… STRESS!

    1. Hi Frances! Promise you will be blown away when Vito starts communicating thru sign language.
      Yaya should practice the signs too! I think one reason why Aki didn’t learn signs early on was because it was only me who was teaching and practicing him. I have a very cool and cooperative yaya now who helps reinforce the signs I teach.

    1. Hi Appledumplings! Thanks for dropping by my blog.
      There are a lot of resources on baby ign language online and sometimes in Booksale. It is really worth a try. Sometimes we mke up our own signs esp when I find the perfect time to teach sign but no time to look at sign guides. 🙂

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