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Gifts for Aki: It’s all about the money!

As I mentioned before, Aki already has a looooooot of toys. His playroom is filled with so many play things that he gets overwhelmed and hyper, jumping from one toy to another.
So for Christmas, we decided not to give him any toys since he’d surely get a lot anyway. What we gave him were instead money and money saving habits. Franco and I are the biggest cheapskates. We try to live, not within our means, but below our means.  Our hope is for Aki to grow up like us who try to save as much as we can and spend only on what really matters.
Gift # 1: Sputnik aka Niki Endaya, Aki’s first piggy bank. Remember Mong-ki? He is the first coin bank but since he is too cute and kinda fuzzy, we decided to display him on the playroom, beside cute little Baby Glorie. Everytime I come home from work, I give Aki a couple of coins for him to feed Niki. After every successful coin drop, we give him a round of applause. It is almost automatic for him to clap after hearing the clanking of the coins inside.
Gift # 2: Crisp New Old Bills. As many of you may have already heard, Bangko Sentral already printed the first batches of our new brightly colored bills. Slowly, they will phase out the bills that we grew up getting from our godparents every Christmas. Since I am a sucker for memorabilia, we kept a hundred, a fifty and a twenty peso bills for Aki’s future reference. For a minute,I contemplated if I should also save a 500 and a thousand peso bills. But then again, 1500 is 1500. Spending that much on a memorabilia would be against what we are trying to teach. Aki’s 170 peso aguinaldo are now safely kept in his keepsake box.
Gift # 3: His first bank account. This gift is kinda late. We got it only last week because Christmas was hectic and we were yaya-less. We chose Metrobank because one, the nearest branch is right outside our village. And two, Metrobank Fun Saver’s Club offers the most perks compared to other kiddie bank accounts.
These are the perks
    – PhP 50,000 Educational Trust Fund should something happen to me.
    – Personal Accident Insurance  amounting to twice the daily average balance of account.
    – a welcome gift which was an insulated lunch bag.
    – a membership card which will allow me to avail discounts from their partners.
Like other banks, the maintaining balance is only  500 pesos and the interest is not more that 1%.
Merry Christmas, Aki Bunny. Hope you’ll appreciate our gift when you grow up.
PS to Aki’s godparents, titos and titas, lolos and lolas who would like to give a delayed Christmas gift or an advanced 2nd birthday gift, Metrobank has Fun Saver’s Gift Check. This can not be encashed and can only be used to open a new account or to add funds  to an existing account.

13 thoughts on “Gifts for Aki: It’s all about the money!

    1. Hello Myrna!
      If I am not mistaken the fun savers club only comes in passbooks. I think it is a good thing so the kids cn see their money grow. plus less tempting to withdraw if you have a passbook versus an atm

  1. kami naman bdo junior savers. I opened it after Ryken’s Christening. 🙂 yun naman ang mas malapit sa amin and lagi kaming laman ng sm malls kaya madaling magdeposit 🙂 Turuan ko na rin pala si Ryken mag-ipon.

    1. hi mapi! BDO rin ang first choice namin because it is more convenient. pero we chose metrobank fun savers because of the insurances. sayang din eh. and, ewan ko kung kami lang to, parang di customer friendly ang mga teller ng bdo’s. eh we want Aki to be excited about depositing money kaya ayaw sana namin sa mga mukhang masusungit. hehe

        1. mapi, kami talaga, never kami nakaencounter ng friendly teller sa BDO. Either nakasimangot or mabagal dahil nakikipag daldalan. pero since sila ang pinaka convenient, sa BDO naka deposit ang big chunk ng savings namin

  2. great idea, maqui! my hubby is huge cheapskate to. me, not so much (wink). will do the sme with alonzo. thanks for sharing!

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