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A Lighter and Organized Bag

… what I wanted to have this year.

I read in Reader’s Digest that the easiest way to reduce back pains is looking into one’s bag. And so, on the same day I had a haircut, I shopped for a new bag. My criteria? It should be light and simple. That is exactly what my new bag is. I got it from the new shoe store in Shang. My old bag even without things inside it was already heavy. This new one is sooo light. I love it. I also love that it is looks classic. The strap is adjustable. It can be a shoulder bag from Mondays thru Fridays when I got to work. And weekends, it can be a sling or body bag.

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Step One. I bought a new kikay pouch. There is another smaller pouch inside the bigger pouch, for my feminine stuff. One side is for the make up that I hardly use while the other side are for the other basic items. Since the goal was to keep my bag as light as possible, I looked into my old kikay kit and threw out the make up and other stuff that I don’t ever use.
Step Two. Hubby helped me achieve the goal by giving me a new Kenneth Cole wallet. This my first proper wallet since since time immemorial, I have been keeping my money, cards and receipts in zippered pouches. With the new wallet, there is a pocket for everything. I am forced to put things into proper places before closing the wallet.

Step Three. I am now the proud owner of the lightest and smallest umbrella I could find. For 399 bucks, it is the most expensive umbrella I’ve ever had.

Step Four. I checked my keys and kept only the ones that I always use. There were 4 keys and 3 keys chains from the heavy bunch that I took out because I don’t remember what they are for.

Step Five. I also got rid of the lace of  my office ID  and replaced it with pulley. I have always hated how the comb and keys gets stuck on the lace. I replaced the lace with a pulley.

Happy mid-week!

One thought on “A Lighter and Organized Bag

  1. Here’s another tip: I transferred my perfume, lotion, baby powder, facial wash and even lip gloss into smaller containers para kasya sa isang maliit na pouch bag. Heehee.

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