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Bakerella’s Take on Noche Buena and Media Noche

Am really enjoying this baking thing.

For Noche Buena, I with the help of Manang, made red and green putos, and dark choco chip cookies for Santa


And warm apple crumble served ala mode. Delish!!!!!


For Media Noche, I made red velvet cupcakes which were yummy even without the cream cheese frosting.


I just wish I was able to take better pictures of the step-by-step procedures and the final products. My baked goodies don’t look so yummy in the pictures but I do hope you believe me when I say that Aki’s and my sugar shoot up last Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

So now, I have cookies, cupcakes and pies on my baking repertoire. My next project: bread loaf or a real cake. The recipes seem simple and doable. Hopefully for our Valentine’s Day dinner.

Oh but before I get there, I need to buy my own paraphernalia. All these time I have been borrowing Mae’s pans, molds and wire rack. Hopefully, one of these days, I’d be able to schedule a trip to Divisoria for some metal shopping.

13 thoughts on “Bakerella’s Take on Noche Buena and Media Noche

  1. maqui,

    dali lang ang crema de fruta sister. basta ang ratio ko, 1 can (big) condensed milk: 3 nestle cream (kase ayoko ng masyado sweet, if mejo sweet like mo.. make it two) tapos mix mo lang sya. if you want na mejo pastillas/yema like, lutuin mo. painitin lang. sometimes niluluto ko pa, pag tinatamad ako halo na lang hahaha! tapos graham crackers, maski ilang layer trip mo, okay lang. tapos alternate lang yung cream and crackers. for the toppings, sometimes lagay ko peaches or mangoes or fruit cocktail. up to you pa din. yung mangoes and peaches if yun gagamitin mo, consume mo agad kase madali masira. last layer sa ibabaw yung fruits. then initin mo na yung gulaman (i use alsa gulaman unflavored — para di mag-away2 yung lasa diba) tapos ayun buhos mo na sa ibabaw. palamigin mo muna before you put inside the refrigerator. gets? hehe. tanong ka lang if may di ka magets. hahaha! 😀

  2. sis, no need na to go to can buy pans at carla’s, infront of shopwise..

    happy baking!!


      1. ang dami.. beef & broccoli ng oyster sauce, roast chicken, crispy pata, penne pasta in red sauce, crema de fruta, lumpiang shanghai.. garden salad.. at kung anik-anik pa.. sumakit katawan ko.. hahaha..

    1. Hi Faye! go go go! Nakakaaddict mag bake. Paubos na nga ang gasul namin.
      Mine is la Germania ata. Hehe, sorry I forgot. I will check tomorrow. I bought yun may 3 gas burners and one lectric para pag naubusan ng gasul. Yun oven pwedeng gamiting rotisserie. 🙂

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