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Our Neighbors’ Holiday Decors

The Christmas season ended last Thursday here in the Philippines but I just have to share the lovely artsy holiday decors that my creative neighbor cum sister in law, Mae did last month.

This looks lovely at night when  they lit up the Christmas lights behind the drawing.

Aren’t they nice? And not to mention very kid friendly.

My favorite, Aki’s favorite  and Chloe’s favorite are  the kissing Santa and Mrs Claus drawings on their sliding doors.  Chloe likes to close and open the sliding doors while saying Kiss, No Kiss. Kiss, No Kiss.

Since I am such an inggitera, I made snowflakes and taped them on one of our windows, coz next to Mae’s Christmas tree, our window looked so sad. 

Happy Saturday, everyone!

One more Christmas post to go!

One thought on “Our Neighbors’ Holiday Decors

  1. thanks jamie for this post. This brought back good memories. I don’t remember if I took photos of my window paintings. It would be great to show this to Rya someday. 🙂

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