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When Santa Came to Town

December 19, 2008 was a special day because that was the day we got married.

December 19, 2009 was uneventful.

December 19, 2010 is something for the books. We may not had a celebration as big as the one we had 2 years ago, but it is extra special because it’s on that day that our little one met Santa.

We hurriedly went to SM Bicutan’s activity center right after hearing mass because we wanted to avoid the long lines. It was fun watching the other kids take their turn. Some were crying. Some even screaming in fear. Some didn’t care. Some were excited. Aki, on the other hand, was like no other. My cutest, who hardly hears stories about Santa from me  excited ran towards Santa.  

Too bad our camera was lousy and did not take clear pictures of the momentous occasion. I also brought our velvet Christmas hats. I prepared a striped polo shirt that matched the hat nicely but Manang already dressed him up by then. I am not a fan of jumpers and would have wanted Aki to wear something else but Manang, was a such a stage yaya that day. I did not want to burst her bubble  because she seemed very very pleased with Aki’s ensemble.

Anyhoo, here is Aki, running towards Santa….


As soon as Manang Lydia sat him up beside the jolly, old and according to our yaya, not fat enough  fellow, he did this…

Is he the sweetest? We call this baby trick, lambing lambing. When my son feels like being sweet, he rests his head on our laps. He did not want to leave but we had to because there were other kids waiting in line.

 When the kids left and no one was in line, we went up to Santa again to take more pictures..


 And left as soon as there were other kids who wanted to greet Santa…. And went back as soon as they were gone…

 I think we went a back for at least five times. Aki was in his best behaviour the whole time.

 By the time, Franco came back, Aki was already pooped tired.  We went to Brownies Unlimited for some sweets. This is what we had for desserts.


To this day, we still wonder why Aki was so excited to see Santa. Ever clever Manang has a theory. Maybe Aki was thrilled because he thought Santa was Jollibee’s daddy! Nice one, Manang.


7 thoughts on “When Santa Came to Town

  1. Nice theory Manang! Haha. I was bursting into laughter with that! =p Awww. You son is really sweet .. Maybe he likes color red?! =p

      1. yes, but brief encounter lang. during the last day of Dade’s Kindermusik class, one of the Dads dressed up as Santa & generously gave each kid a lootbag. so wala pang picture si Dade sitting on his lap 😦 next year, babawi kami.

        1. what if ryan dresses up as santa?
          hehe. my husband is on the chubby side kaya we are thinking of putting his fats into good use next year by making him wear a santa costume. 🙂

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