And the Employer of the Year Award goes to Me!

One of the many reasons why Franco and I aren’t considering relocating to another country for now, is the unavailability and high cost of trustworthy, dependable, and carinosa  stay-in househelp slash nanny elsewhere in the world. When we list down the things/people/events  that we are thankful for this year, Manang Lydia will definitely be included. She cooks well. She likes tending our garden. She’s not the type who needs to be told before doing something. Having worked as a janitress for years, she cleans like a pro. Most of all, we love her because she loves our son. And Aki loves her back.

She went home to Samar on the morning of Christmas to spend time with her family. She did not go home empty-handed because we gave her and her family some presents to show our appreciation. She hardly asks us for anything so we got cues of what gifts would they want based on her stories about her family.

First, something for the husband.  Manang mentioned once that her husband has been going to church wearing a ratty pair of slippers.  We went to Mr Quickie to have Franco’s old favourite rubber shoes repaired.  For just 400 pesos, they did a great job in changing and sewing on new soles. Franco liked the job so much that he had second thoughts of giving away his Nikes.

Then something for her kids. Whenever we are in a mall, Manang only checks out National Bookstore. She said she’s saving up for a dictionary. And so I got her one plus a thesaurus.

For Manang herself, we gave her two other gifts aside from her paid vacation leave and bonus.

She asked my permission before if she could take home a picture of Aki so her kids would see how her alaga looks like. I got her something better. A studio picture of Aki and her together. This one was taken at Tronix  where I am a suki. It only costed me  80 bucks but what I got in return, the expression on her face as soon as she saw the picture, was priceless.

And since she was nice enough to help me prepare our Noche Buena,  I gave her a gift to return the favour. I prepared a simple media noche basket  with a couple of de latas and ingredients for pasta, fruit salad and cookies.

Today is Manang’s  fourth day to be away. I have been looking after my 14 month old 24/7. It is fun but sooooo tiring and frustrating when he does not listen. It’s now that I appreciate her more than ever. Merry Christmas, Manang!


12 thoughts on “And the Employer of the Year Award goes to Me!

  1. Kittiekatz says:

    Nanay mode din ako from December 24 up until January 2. Hehe. Zieg was quite a handful – he got his first nasty cut last December 31. Under my watch no less. Argh. He’s a toughie. Mas na-trauma pa ang nanay. Argh.

  2. On yaya duty ka rin pala this holiday season! Apir! Ako on day 3 pa lang and yday I took her to her doctor’s check up alone. Sobrang nakakapagod. But I always look forward to this time kasi this is the only chance I have to catch up with the lost time when I was away working and of course catch up with disciplining Maia nang walang kumukontra :))

    • Apir disapir, Faye!
      Madami ka bang nagawa habang yaya duty? I wanted to do a lot of things pero susme, halos wala ata akong nagawa sa to do list ko. Effort kung effort mag alaga ng bata!

      • Hey Maqui!

        Sa age ni Aki it’s really impossible pa to do anything. Last year when I was on yaya duty during the holidays I lost my cool countless times bec I couldn’t do anything apart from feeding, bathing and playing with Maia. Naloka ako I felt I wasn’t productive while I was at home. Pero ganun pala talaga. We go thru phases. Next year you’ll be better at this :)) Kasi based on my experience this year madami na akong nagawa. I just had to keep Maia busy with arts and crafts (actually more of doodling lang naman wahaha). See you soon!

  3. naiyak ako dito sa post mo, especially about the photo! this is super sweet! i wish when the time comes that we have to get a nanny for Dade, we’ll find someone as kind and loving as Manang Lydia. your family is very blessed!

    enjoy your bonding time with Aki! 🙂

      • the husband 🙂 it’s a long story. blessing in disguise that he had to quit his job when his employer can’t pay their salaries na. that was when i just had Dade & my Mom needed to go back to Philippines na. he’s been looking after the LO ever since. the peace of mind i have is priceless, and a lot of people are telling me we are very lucky because we never had to deal with nanny issues. so medyo ninenerbyos na ako ngayon ‘cos Ryan’s bored & is itching to go back to work na 😦

  4. AC says:

    Wow! My favorite yaya is also from Samar. She’s in Malaysia already pero a few months ago she sent me my favorite chocolates from KL. Kaya I love her. Hehehe.

    Pero adik yun sa Facebook kaya maya’t maya nagcocomement/message/wall post sa amin ng parents and siblings ko. 🙂

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