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The Art of Crafty Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

I am on a roll! This is my 4th post for today. I will be on leave from Dec 23 to Jan 2  but since Manang’s going home to Samar to celebrate the New Year’s day with her family, I am expecting that I would hardly be able to check my mails and update my blog.

Anyhoo, lately, I’ve been into crafts and DIY projects.

I personally wrapped most of our gifts. The smaller gifts, manang did but I was still in charge of embellishments. I used the materials that we already have  in the house: magazines, newspapers, blue ribbons (from Aki’s Christening and birthday gifts) and Japanese paper. Since our Christmas motif this year is blue, I tried to use blue and gray pages of newpapers and print outs.

Aren’t they pretty?

My concern now is bringing them to the office (and bringing the gifts from my officemate home) . The MRT guards require gifts to be opened. That I really don’t want to do because I spent 4 hours wrapping.

These two have paper pom-poms.

I like the contrast of newpaper and the blue velvet ribbon.

I was trying to achieve an artsy abtract-y fold here.

The bow is super easy to make. Just make four paper loops and tape them on top of each other.

And lastly, I am currently obsessed with paper snowflakes to the point that Rosie tells me to stop. Hehe

I love how the gifts turn out. Too bad we don’t have space under our eensy weensy Christmas tree. So I displayed them in the stairs! Nice, noh?

Sorry if I am fishing for compliments. Am just so proud of myself. Even my roommate of four years is amazed that my lazy hands are now into crafts. Martha Stewart and Sharon, watch out! Hehe. feeling!

13 thoughts on “The Art of Crafty Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

  1. Hi! Mam! I would like to ask. Pwede po ba ang snowflakes decor gawin sa plastic? We have community outreach and we want a different design of decors for it. Para unique naman yung matatanggap nilang gift for this new year. Thanks mam! 🙂

    1. Hello po! Thank you for reaching out to me.
      Yes po, you can use plastic, so long as you can fold it several times and cut it. If you google “snowflakes templates”, you will find a lot of tutorials.

  2. This is really great and its made with love!
    I want to be into DIY thingy so bad.. Just don’t have time!
    The gifts are pretty cool.. I like your paper snowflakes! How did you do that? =p

  3. wow! nicely done! we also have blue & silver theme in our home 🙂

    i love what you did with the bow and the snowflakes — super cute! i just hope the Manong guards at MRT would not ask you to rip open the gifts…sayang naman ang effort.

  4. ang galing! tipid na, unique pa. bilib na ko talaga sayo pramis. dami ko napupulot dito ah. walang-wala akong talent jan e. madalas nga yung gift ko kung ano yung paper bag nung binili ko yun na binibigay ko e. hahaha.

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