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Stockings Overload

We are officially a family of hoarders. We hoard toys, diapers, magazines and now stockings.

My original plan was to buy only three, one for Aki, Franky and me. But I could not decide which of the four did I like the least,  so I got another one for Manang. It was a bit expensive at  150 a piece but they were too gorgeous not be brought home.

Then I saw the cutest stocking from another bazaar. It was only 49 bucks. I just had to buy it. For Bono our dog. Or maybe,  for our next child. Hehe. Excuses.

Last but not the least, this stocking is from MIL. It’s Franco’s stocking when he was still a kid.  It is 30 years old now but is still in good shape.

Hopefully, one of these days, I will find time to embroider our names into the stockings.

8 thoughts on “Stockings Overload

  1. just saw this post, hehe.. linked from your recent post. was looking for a unique stockings like these for our little bash sana… pare-parehas kse ung mga nakikita ko sa malls… where did you find these??

    1. hey au! long time no hear.
      I got most of the stockings from Dapitan. My favorite, the green one, is from Uniwide naman. The last time I went to uniwide, wala na silang cute stockings. 🙂

  2. Wow! A 30 year old stocking? Galing ng MIL mo ah.. =p
    I want to buy stockings also for my little boy, its time to create Christmas memories.. =p

    1. so true!
      i used to be a grinch before giving birth pero now that i am a mommy, i am crazy about traditions para madaming merry memories si aki ng Christmas when he grows up.

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