Other Christmas-y stuff around the house

Let me post a short entry on our Christmas decors. Who knows, Aki might reach and eventually break them into pieces. 

I bought these two cute Christmas houses, a toy store and a candy shop. When Aki’s older, we will get a couple more houses and have a nice Christmas village.

We have a belen slash snowglobe now.

These Starbucks cups remind me of baby bear, Mama bear and Papa bear in the Goldilocks story. We used the extra Christmas balls to decorate the cups.

Since it is Christmas, I bought 4 holiday mugs. Isn’t Aki’s mug the cutest thing?


5 thoughts on “Other Christmas-y stuff around the house

  1. AC says:

    Inggit much. Ganda ng bahay mo. Ganda ng stuff mo. Sa bahay namin walang spirit ang Christmas. Sana someday magkaroon din ako ng talent sa pag-aayos ng bahay. At magkaroon ng magandang bahay. Tamad ako mag-ayos ng bahay at wala ako oras, lagi kase akong nasa labas. Tapos nag-alsa balutan pa yung maid. Kaya todo-todo na ang aking pag-iisa. Hahahaha. SMP. 😀

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