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Aki Versus the Christmas Tree

This is not the year, not the year when we’d pour hot chocolate on our Christmas mugs, play Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas album, turn on the Chrismas lights, sit back and enjoy and admire our Christmas tree.

I have always wanted a magazine-feature-worthy Christmas tree. One that is filled with ornaments that tell a story. When we look back many years from now at the pictures of our Christmas decors this year, the story will be short and simple, in December 2010, we had a toddler and he ruled the house.

This is how the Christmas tree corner looks like..


The Christmas book nook was not spared either



 Hopefully next year, we can have a bigger tree. For now we will settle with this tiny one. 


Hopefully next year, Aki would listen when we tell him to stop bullying the tree and pulling the Christmas balls.  For now, we stick to balls on the side and bows on the other side that Aki normally reaches for. Baduy, I know, but it is a   little safer. Did you notice the dents on the balls? There are balls lying on the Christmas tree skirt in the hopes that Aki would just grab them and spare the tree. Wish!

Hopefully next year, we can display our favourite holiday pictures. For now,I have decided to hide these frames.

Hopefully next year, we can have a Christmas village. For now, we have this cute blue bird house that I got from Dapitan.

Merry Christmas, Aki! This Christmas is for you and all about you!

6 thoughts on “Aki Versus the Christmas Tree

  1. thankfully, paminsan-minsan lang…kapag gusto nyang mang-sutil. but he gives back the ball he picks out to us when he’s told “no”. he rarely gets near the tree when it’s lit — buti na lang!! 😀

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