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Childproofing 101

At 14 months, Akira is driving us all crazy.

He likes to open cabinets. Here you see him checking out our plates.


He likes reaching for things on top of tables and countertops. In this picture, he is trying to reach his bottles.


He likes closing doors. Maybe he is amused that he can manipulate something much bigger than him.

Speaking of doors, he recently discovered that when the door is open, there is a  space between the door and the hamba. Another danger spot that my son now explores.

He is crazy about about switches especially those of electric fans. He likes to turn them on and then off and on again.


Lastly, his favourite activity, is pulling cords of our electric fans, putting back the plug into the socket and turning on the electric fan! We tried disguising our outlets using chairs, his stroller, his playpen and our stationary bike to no avail. He knows where the sockets are and is determined to put the plug in.

And so I went on a childproofing shopping spree. I got most of my safety stuff from Uncle Bills in Ayala MRT.  Everything there is only 66 bucks. It is run by the same people behind, Saizen and American Bazaaar.

For the door, we got this  from Tommee Tippee. This C shaped locked prevents fingers from getting squashed.


For the kitchen cabinets, we got this lock.

We also bought two dozens of outlet covers. I like that these covers are boring and thus unattractive to the curious child. I also like that they are bendable. We use them even for the outlet for our aircon.

Sharp corners of our dining table are now covered by these rubber things from Safety 1st.  When you have a curious monkey in the house, adhesives that come with the package and molten glue stick can’t be relied on to keep the covers in place. So what we did was to slip the covers between the glass and the table top.


We are less  worried now everytime Aki gets near electric fans because we covered all three fans in the house.

There are still some work to be done. I bought locks for drawers but since the locks needs to be screwed, we haven’t have the time to install them.  We alos have a fridge lock but I am still trying to figure out the instructions in the package. And the biggest and most likely most expensive project for next year is childproofing this rail-less stairs. Eeeeeek! I love the sleek look of our stairs. I wish we could keep it that way. But since this house is being ruled by someone else, we have no choice but to do what is necessary.

P.S. The pretty kids in the picture are our favorite neighbors, Chloe and Margaux.

3 thoughts on “Childproofing 101

  1. ang hirap ng child proofing, no? our coffee table is also damaged na because of the adhesive of the corner guards.
    kami naman we’ve put the gate sa kitchen door (although it’s very inconvenient for us) ‘cos we feel it’s the most hazardous part of the house for him (stove with oven, washing machine, ref, drawers with sharp utensils & knives). i’ve also asked my Mom in Manila to get us an electric fan mesh cover, too. you can also try to get the stopper for the door that you can put sa may screws ng hamba, if it’s available there. mas ok than the C-shaped door stoppers. it can eally prevent fingers from being squashed from both ways (sa may screws side and sa may latch side). it looks like this:,child-home-collections-finger-guard.html
    and for the stairs, naku, i guess you have no choice but to put a rail na for the sake of safety.

    1. Sinabi mo pa!
      Thanks for the tip on finger guards. Haven’t seen anything like that here but I will ask around.
      We DIY-ed our electric fan covers. We just bought tulle, the cheapest is 60 bucks per yard, which can already cover two fans. Used good old sipit to keep them in place. I will blog about it one of these days.

  2. Hahaha. Aki is everywhere. I bet my son would be twice as much makulet.. He’s 4month but he could crawl everywhere! Thanks for this Mommy! Such a big help! 😀

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