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Christmas Book Collection

It started with the realization that we can’t have a belen this year. We have a monster, almost always in danger, ultimate grabber, no so little toddler.  Having a belen will probably double the times we say No in the house. Next year, hopefully.

So instead of getting a belen, I decided on getting a Christmas book so I can introduce to Aki, Baby Jesus in a manger and the rest of the cast of the nativity story. When I went to Booksale, as usual, the hoarder in me took over. I added Frosty the Snowman, Night Before Christmas, Rudolf and  The Grinch to my basket. I decided to pass on the Twelve Days of Christmas book, because I simply can’t relate! Hehe

Then, I noticed that there is much more to Christmas books than classic holiday stories. There are a lot of other Xmas stories that do not involve reindeers or snowmen. So I decided to grab a couple more holiday books. Since I shop for books in Booksale, getting a few more books didn’t really hurt my wallet. I think the most expensive I got was only 80 bucks.

Aki’s current favorite book is Carl’s Christmas. It is wordless book about a dog who babysat on the eve of Christmas. Baby and doggie went out of the house, joined a carolling group, won and donated a Christmas basket and later that night, met Santa. It is so nice to see Aki show that he already has favorites. There are other books in the collection but it is this one that he always picks up and brings to us so we can retell the story to him.

His second favorite is Jingle Babies. It is also wordless. Pages are filled with pictures of super cute babies in super cute Christmas costumes. Aki always kisses the kid in candy cane costume.

My original plan was to keep the books in our room so we can always read a Xmas book to Aki before he goes to sleep. But then, I realized that my collection is too pretty not to be displayed. I covered a native basket with a small blue Christmas tree skirt and put the books inside. The basket is now sitting on my Christmas tree chair in our living room. I added a Christmas hat to make the book nook more Christmas-y.

Am so looking forward to seeing this new collection grow as Aki matures. I wonder if we will have Wolverine’s Christmas or an Elmo and Santa.

PS. I have not had any luck finding a Filipino Christmas book. It does not have to be in our local language. I just want a book with a Filipino setting, maybe with simbang gabi, parols and puto bumbong. If you see one, let me know pls. Calling, Adarna Publishing!

14 thoughts on “Christmas Book Collection

  1. hi maqui! 🙂 I also bought ‘Carl’s Christmas’ when I went to BookSale last Sunday. Alala kita agad when I saw the book. Buti na lang you blogged about Christmas books, na-inspire tuloy akong bumili rin for Ryken. 🙂 happy new year to your family! hugs to Aki. 🙂

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