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Please congratulate me.  I am now officially a baker! Seven months after we moved in, our house smelled like freshly baked cookies for the first time.

When Franco and I went appliance shopping, he gave me a hard time before he finally agreed to buy a gas range. He kept insisting that we only buy the two oven burners. He thought getting a gas range was so impractical since I had close to zero knowledge  when it comes to cooking and baking. I am so happy that he now agrees that the investment is worth it.

For my first baking adventure, I enlisted  the help of my SIL Mae, who was so  sweet  and thoughtful to give me baking paraphernalia for my birthday last month. There’s no one better to teach and coach me than her since she has been baking since she was in elementary. Plus she lives next door. I am the bakerella and she is my dairy creme godmother. Btw, it was her who baked the yummy cupcakes for Aki’s airplane party.

We started by preheating the oven to the hottest setting.  

When the sliced butter got soft, we added ___ cups of sugar.  Using a wire whisk, we mixed the two ingredients together.

Then we added  __ eggs into the mixture.

___ cups of flour  and ___ baking soda were next. Mae said we should not stuff the measuring cups too much because doing so will make our cookies come out hard. The cookies won’t also come out soft and chewy if we over mix.

Last in the mixing party, were the yummy peanut butter chocolate chips that my Tita Elout brought from the US.  

After lining the baking trays, we scooped the cookie mixture using 1/8 cup measuring cup. Mae recommneds this brand because baked goods don’t stick on them. And they are reuseable.

We lowered the temperature to 260 degrees and popped in two trays. We switched the trays after 8 minutes. Eight more minutes later, these heavenly goodies came out of the oven.

An apple crumble ala mode is next on my list! Can’t wait for Noche Buena!


Will post the measurements over the weekend.

12 thoughts on “Bakerella

      1. ay wa na si bakeshop. wala na nag-aasikaso eh, deds na si granny. dito sa manila yung ordinaryong oven lang na nasa gas range ang ginagamit ko. pero nakakatamad naman kase magluto/magbake kung ikaw lang mag-isa sa bahay. di nakakainspire. hehehe.

  1. Congratulations Maqui! Getting the range was a good idea as you’ll have a hard time adding to your baking and cooking knowledge if you don’t have your own =)

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I just noticed that our oven has a rotiserrie option. am excited to try it next.
      Your kitchen is so nice! Classic yet sleek, modern and very inviting. Congrats!

  2. welcome to the fun world of baking! your cookies look so yum-o!

    sa family namin, hubby is the one who bakes. i’ve only baked once in my life — Chocolate Crinkles. yun pa lang ang kaya ko 🙂

    go, go, go on your new hobby!

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