Memoirs of a Mummy

Oh What Fun It is to Play with Bricks

I love my wooden bricks from Mindworks. I love sucking them, banging them together and throwing them so my Mameh and Dadeh can pick them up for me before I throw them again. Recently, I discovered another way of entertaining myself using these fun colorful bricks.

Mameh calls me Crazy boy all the time. Me thinks it is her who is crazy. Ever since I learned how to walk, she says “Aki, no!” every 5 minutes.

Got to go! My crazy mummy just lit the Christmas tree. Those Christmas lights look so interesting. I think I am gonna go and try to lick them.

– Akingking

5 thoughts on “Oh What Fun It is to Play with Bricks

  1. what a cutie monster!! Maqui, i wouldn’t be surprised if our sons would think their names are “No” because we always say “No” to them. oh, it’s just too difficult to use the word sparingly!

    1. Grabe. This kid is driving me crazy. I tried to childproof the house pero wa effect to a determined toddler. His current obsessions are plugs of our electric fans. He pulls the cords and then tries to put the plugs into the socket! Lord give me patience and fast legs!
      How do you impose limits, Gracie?

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