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Air Akira Airplane Party: Mr Balloonatix

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I am a suki of Mr. Ballonatix. I got them for the baptism and now for the birthday party. Am sure I will get them again for my future parties.

Their rates are unbelievably and irresistably affordable. The inclusions of the package for the party, would have probably cost  twice as much  with other suppliers.  Decors were very important to me because without decors or if they were so-so  the airplane theme would not stand out. As I’ve said, I started conceptualizing even before we learned that we’re have a boy. I knew what I wanted but I also knew how much can we only work with.  Mr Ballonatix was the perfect choice.

I met with Jojo, my contact person,  thrice before the actual party. The first meeting was for the down payment. The second meeting was in our office. I gave him an 8-page list of my requests  and dislikes with supporting pictures. Teehee. That was a productive meeting because we were able to set the right expectations. I told him what I wanted and did not want. He got to tell me which of requests were doable and which weren’t. The third meeting was in Chateau Elysee for the ocular. It was his first time to decorate the clubhouse so I felt it was important for him to checkout the place, know the restrictions and meet the building admin prior since I will not be around come party day to assist him.

Come party day, Mr. Balloonatix provided the following:


Welcome Standee Airplane with Big Windows for Photo Ops

Stage Backdrop and Standees.  On both sides and below that stage were a pair of floating airplane standees and cloud-like balloons.

Airplane Centerpieces. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep one. These are the most affordable personalized centerpieces at 100@.

Airplane/Airport Signages plus balloon arches for each of the special tables.

Ceiling Balloons. We got 200 balloons. Hubby thought  the ceiling decors did not reach 200.  I don’t know, to me it looked like there were lots and lots of balloons. I was a bit bothered though by  the red balloons which looked dark pinkish from a far and in the pictures.

Most  of my requests were followed.  I gave him pictures of the look of the stage and other decors  and even a link to the website where he can download airport symbols for the signages.  Unfortunately, they interchanged the signs for Check-in and Duty Free, but that is alright. Nobody noticed. My only concern is that our designs looked like carbon-copies of the inspirations that I lifted from the net. I told Jojo to tweak the drawings but standees still looked like exact copies.  Also, as I have said, all the creative direction came from me. I am grateful that he gave me a free hand in conceptualizing . However, since they are the the supplier for decors, I was expecting more ideas on top of the ones that I had in mind.

All in all, I am very happy with Mr Balloonatix! Thank you , Jojo and team for making our party colorful!

6 thoughts on “Air Akira Airplane Party: Mr Balloonatix

  1. sis,
    how much nagastos mo for all the decors?
    i hope you don’t mind me asking..
    i’m looking for a cheap supplier kasi.. =p

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