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Air Akira Airplane Party: Flooch

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Flooch. Flooch. Flooch. I don’t know where to start.

Let me start with three words. BEST. HOST. EVER!

Another three word description would be WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I learned from my wedding preps days about the crucial role of a party host. Party planning mommies can plan the smallest details  which guest may or may not appreciate. Guests will probably not notice the decors but would always appreciate a good host. Our guests had a fab time and stayed until the end of the program because of Flooch.

He was able to get the attention of all the guests. Even Franco’s male friends whom I expected to eat and then just smoke outside, were glued to their seats. He was so good at hosting and facilitating games, that he was able to make the most feeling-teenager kid participate in the games. My pretty niece Jasha, the Hawaian girl wearing heels, does not participate in games ever. I am used to seeing her sitted at the adult table, watching the host from a far. I was pleasantly surprise to see her come out of her shell for the first time. I also had a blast watching stage moms, aunts and yaya’s help their kids win.

The ventriloquism was also a hit. We have a lot of pictures of laughing kids because of Flooch and his monkey puppet. I could not finish eating because I was so glued watching his ventri act.

 The magic show was another criterion for us  in booking a party host. He started the magic show with flaming hands which wow-ed everyone.

I super heart Flooch. He has great communication skills which was important to us because we both work in a BPO. P/F syndrome is a major no no to us. He is super courteous and professional. I noticed that he was sweating like crazy but did not show any sign that he was not comfortable. Our party, even if I don’t have a party planner/organizer, was organized because of him and his staff.  

Btw, Flooch is from Novaliches which is quite far from the venue. Because of the distance that he needs to travel , his transporation fee was 2.5K. At first I thought the rate was quite steep but after watching him, I’d gladly pay twice as much just to get him again for our next parties.

Special mention to Jacque of Partyboosters who booked Flooch for us. Jacque is a n@wie sis and was a darling, patiently answering my party-related queries even if I did not get her party planning services.

Thank you Flooch and Jacque!

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